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Yes all the time. You look away and say three Hail Marys really quickly. A stiff drink also helps! Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle I have GF and when I see hotter chicks (when I'm with or w/o her), it kills me by not being able to do anything about it. Do you married guys get this kind of feelings? If so, how do you cope it?
Do I want to make my marraige more than a roommate relationship? At this point I am not sure. I am not one for long sessions at the marraige therapist/counselling office if thats what you mean. We go through the motions of married life ok. I guess I am somewhat content with the status quo. I am first to admit I like alot of the trappings of marraige like a comfortable home life, great kids, holidays with the extended family, status it brings etc. I have more than many so...
To answer the OP question. No not particularly..I do like the sex though..one big upside. I am often reminded of the line about the mafia "its is easy to get into but very diificult to get out of" I had little doubts in the back of my mind that this girl was "the one" but we were in our late 20's and all our friends were getting married, she was pushing for a ring (sound familiar). Looking back now I should have listened to those little voices. Nothing terrible has...
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