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That's because they start offering Daniel again now. I saw them in the website for the new season
Is that on the aurum chisel last by any chance? Best test shoes I've seen
Same with JM Switched to Aesop's deodorant and no issue.
Great shoe sd2002. Is that on Antonio's chisel toe Aurum last?
For sale is an excellent condition G&G Arran in Size 8E UK in the TG73 last. The shoe is in excellent condition. Worn no more than 3 times since new. The shoe was given a mirror polish treatment as can be seen from the photo. THe only reason I am selling is because G&G RTW sizing isn't the best fitting for my feet. Shoes will come with shoe trees (non G&G) and original G&G shoe bags and box. Selling for $600+ paypal fee exc. shipping.
Hi Moomay I ask if any of those shoes are in the Novello last or they are chiseled?Thanks
Or simply ignore these sort of rude people. Like someone wise once said, it is the worth of the man that makes the clothes and not the other way around.
For the future I would suggest to learn to know the difference between a tailor and an alteration place. If you don't have a trusted alteration place as yet, how about asking the RL store to do the alteration for you next time (assuming you bought the items new from the store)
Which online store did you order it from if you don't mind me asking
Yes this is very true in that different type of shoes fit differently (eg oxford fits differently than derby and double monk)
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