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Or simply ignore these sort of rude people. Like someone wise once said, it is the worth of the man that makes the clothes and not the other way around.
For the future I would suggest to learn to know the difference between a tailor and an alteration place. If you don't have a trusted alteration place as yet, how about asking the RL store to do the alteration for you next time (assuming you bought the items new from the store)
Which online store did you order it from if you don't mind me asking
Yes this is very true in that different type of shoes fit differently (eg oxford fits differently than derby and double monk)
Wish it is a small. Looking closely it looks like it was made by Valstar
Laufer Mind me asking who made that jodhpurs?
Breaking in my Bestetti today....one of the sexiest waist on the shoes I've handled. This is inspired by the 7000 last so in my eyes this is 7000 last Mk II
The 7000 last is indeed a very beautiful last however I find with that last (and other JL last) the heel cup seems to be relatively big. This is the problem I find with JL. Despite having quite a few JL in the past, I had to sadly find them a better fitted owner. You are lucky if your feet fits like a glove on the 7000 last.
Just out of curiosity, is this assessment based on your personal experience comparing all three makers' bespoke level shoes?Thanks
My modified almond shoes just came today....very similar make up to grc's shoes above
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