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OT, Sorry for asking but do you know what model of loafer and in what color or last? Thanks
Anyone willing to proxy me for a size 8uk if any left?
Hoping to put them on by next week
HI, I am considering to sell some of my RLBL suit collection and just trying to gauge any interest. One is a Navy 36S suit (very rare to find size in this staple colour) and a couple of other 36R RLBL suits I have yet to have the time to post pictures etc however if you are interested please don't hesitate to PM me. I will also offer a good deal for multiple purchases
Did the same last week and still have not heard any reply
Hi Back rise is 13.5 inch
Rexet, If that's the case then you should probably consider 'designing' your own shoes (a.k.a bespoke or semi bespoke) One could almost say JL is to shoes like Rolex sub to watches
Nice couple shoes. Taken at the office I presume?
yes they are my test shoes and quality wise, I can't complain for 180 Euro It is great to have the test shoe that you can wear daily so you have a better and more accurate "picture" of how the shoes should fit
I can vouch for the quality of SP and at this price it is a steal. Would've considered this is I have not just recently commissioned a bespoke in similar color
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