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Thanks. It is Chestermox
my contribution.....Ilcea museum calf handmade wallet
+1 I really wish I have access to more 36R
That's a shame about the riviera and I'm surprised they don't do well given that they have a really nice Neapolitan cut and fabric
Is there any plan to stock the Riviera Sports Coat in EU46 in the future? I have got one and it fits perfectly off the shelf for me and I really like the way it is being cut with a Neapolitan style Thanks
I agree on the pics the novello looks more elegant than chisel....wish I can see it myself
I meant "established" RTW
Unless I'm wrong but don't most "established" rate manufacturers started as bespoke only operation way (way) back then?If knowledge serves me right, that includes Saint Crispin?
pardon me I didnt throughly read your post.....you DID ask only those who has owned both. Good start
Anyone always give their personal opinions (and they have the right to do so) but may I suggest that you put more weight on those who actually has real life experience with both and therefore can give a more meaningful input to your dilemma? You do need to filter the noise from my experience.Unfortunately I have not had a personal experience with Riccardo's RTW line (waiting for my Novecento line at the moment). Agree that Vass has a good value proposition but I dont feel...
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