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I've a pair and it's a POS. I got it for $50 from the N. Rack. Get a pair of AE Chukkas. If you want to go casual get some Timberland Boot Company shoes - I own approx 5 pairs. The chukkas were at $99.
I reviewed some of the workouts and it's brutal. Shit, I can see people hurting themselves doing that workout. I'll start asylum next month. I've to finish insanity.
I just did the cardio challenge from supreme 90 days. It's not a bad workout for $13.98. It's a wannabe P90X and Insanity. My legs are done from all the Insanity plyo jumping so I decided to try a different cardio routine. The supreme 90 cardio is a hit type cardio with 30 secs work and 30 secs rest for 30 minutes. It's as intense as you want to put into it however it's not as difficult as...
I bought these from sports authority for $299
Nope, the pics above were 10 days. I think it was the weight loss from the insanity workouts more than P90X.edit: Just finished the P90X Chest and Back. I should have waited 2 more days before starting up again. I had a decent workout but everything seems harder now.
I was working out about 3 days a week with no real routine and some coworkers were talking about P90X and Insanity so I decided to give it a try. The circuit training, HIIT stuff burns alot of calories. I stopped the starbucks, coca cola, m&ms, and any shit junk food. I'm doing P90X and Insanity. I lost 3 inches off the waist in about 2 weeks. I did this shit non stop for 25 days with about one rest day. Currently, I'm taking a rest week because all of my old ass...
before after 10 days I'm 40 years old
NWT NF khaki weird guy w32 / NWT nudie Organic Dry Ecru Embo 32/32 $100 each conus
The Magnannis I've seen at Nordstorm Rack are total crap. The leather is horrible.
AEs are just as good as CJs. However, CJs are a bit cleaner in their construction and have better lasts.
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