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Is there anywhere to find these online? I checked Context and they are out of sizes for both. I also googled and then searched on here with no luck. I need a size 32 FWIW
Does anyone know if these exist? I checked the S&D Shoe thread and also Paul Smith but didn't see anything. Basically I am looking for a very comfortable brogued shoe that is practical for wearing 3 or 4 times per week...
Quote: Originally Posted by beansprouts1 i live in philly too. shopping in city is awful, though sometimes burberry has decent sales. check out the saks off fifth and neiman marcus last call at franklin mills, they usually have outerwear for ridiculously cheap. i saw some allegri trenches for like 150 bucks a month ago, though they only had 40R and above in sizes. This is good, because I am a 42L
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 As of this afternoon, Chicago's Nord Rack has several Burberry trenches for $390. Ughhhh why am I in Philadelphia
Quote: Originally Posted by freefinancialadvice Ebay, search ISW. they have alot of used Burberry's. Make sure that you size down a few sizes if you are looking for a slimmer fit. They are fitted to be worn with a suit and run big. for example: Thanks a lot. Are these legitimate, though? The tags look.....odd to me.
I am in the market for a nice, albeit inexpensive trench coat. I have looked around online and in stores with no luck. Also tried the search function and that was no help either. Some criteria: Preferably black in color 3/4 length Slim-fitting < $300-$400 Does it exist? Any SF'ers know of any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by butkusrules I have a big drop and as such I am always concerned about whether the fit in the shoulders will be sufficent or whether it lays like a dress on me. I recently bought a 48R Hickey Top coat and it fits perfectly over my 48+ suit and manages to stay slim. I was/am very happy with the purchase. So, in other words, if I were to buy a 44L to fit over a suit, it would be far too large?
This is my first thread and only second post, so I would like to also use this to introduce myself. I am a young professional (21 years old) who has always had an interest in fashion and dressing well, and stumbled upon the forums while looking for an article of menswear I could not find anywhere. I am in the process of building a nice, conservative (as in nothing flashy like fur coats or feathered hats) business wardrobe. After acquiring a few nice suits, I have been...
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Where is this one from?
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