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Quote: Originally Posted by otc I roll on some race stock salomans most of the time from my racing time in high school. at 165 (maybe 168) they are a little long for slalom for my 6'2 height but they may be a good length for you. The turns are definitely snappy (15m radius)...when you lock the edges in and push it, they will just launch you out of the turn and thus I have grown accustomed to skiing all-mountain on race skis. You may find them too stiff...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefe I am. I live the double life of front range skier and corporate warrior. It's a challenging dichotomy. Likewise. Its not fun, but someone has to do it. I could not only tell by your suggestion of Bros....but also because you suggested the only suitable skis in this thread (the pocket rocket and bridge suggestions were close, but no cigar. Way too much of a park ski.)
Quote: Originally Posted by jefe Line Prophet 100, Rossignol Scratch BC (s5 now, I think), Salomon Gun, 4frnt MSP/VCT, PM Gear BRO, etc. If you raced, you don't want a noodle. Get the Prophet 100s. It's my current setup (marker dukes/179 prophet 100s/bd ascension skins) and it climbs like a billygoat and it's a joy on the way back down. Hmmm PM Gear? Are you a member on TGR?
I need these
Quote: Originally Posted by Jferg4350 Any tips on buying the raw H&M sliqs? How should I size? Should I soak them first to get out shrinking? These are a total joke. I truly believe they are pre-washed and aren't in fact raw. I have been literally living in these jeans for 3 weeks now, and they have not changed in contrast whatsoever. Also, they tell you to size up to accomodate for 5% shrinking. Mine did not shrink whatsoever.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 looks like a white gucci wingtip to me.. Meh...I didn't know if there was a particular 'model' name
I am hoping someone can identify this white Gucci wingtip
I am considering on bidding on this Burberry trench on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...Category=57988. I generally wear a 42L suit and measure a 43" chest. I was wondering if this particular trench, tagged a 38 but with a 45.5" chest will be large enough to accommodate wearing with a suit?
If it were double breasted, I wouls buy it in a heartbeat. Anyway, have a free bump.
I could really use this but I unfortunately just spent 1/10th of my annual income on S/S casual-wear
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