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Although I am a rather new poster, I have lurked for quite some time, and I constantly see people posting a million topics on here about acne and other skin-care problems. I figured that since I finally have my own questions, I should start a compiled thread for skin-care questions, similar to the "I have a jean question" thread in SW&D. 1.) I have an excessively "shiny" forehead at times. I have tried every type of moisturizer and face wash in attempt to tame the...
$220 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by Slu So it really doesnt matter what pants I wear with the black or grey v-neck...i was thinknig something like this with maybe some dogtags Do you plan on dying soon or something?
-Lose the facial hair -Get a haircut closer to the scalp if you are sticking with something short and make sure you keep it maintained (read cut). You look like you have fairly thin hair so it tends to look like a pseudo-porcupine at the length it is. -Iron the shirts -Tuck in the shirts -Pocket-less shirts -Do not roll sleeves of shirts -Buy some sort of blazer/sport coat (If keeping it "business-casual") -Wear actual pants -Wear actual shoes -Tone down the...
I agree with all of those saying 23" isn't very large. I am 5'10, 32 at the hips, with 26" thighs and 16" calfs...I constantly get comments about how big my legs are. All of those years of soccer, cycling and then powerlifting really built me up below the hips.
I just bought this but it is about an inch too short in the sleeves for me. No tags. $105 shipped Measurements: Chest - 45 1/2" Shoulders - 19" Sleeves - 33" (from center of neck) Length - 26 1/2"
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 No offense, but you are uninformed. He said SLALOM skis. I'm sure his GS skis are 185+. All Slalom skis are that short. Race stock skis are a little different from All Mountain skis. I stand corrected. I did not see the slalom I just saw high school and race and immediately figured GS
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace That's funny, you're the second person on this forum to comment. Really nice to hear that. He's a fucking mess now, though. Total dick. He's an acquaintance I know from playing music my entire life. Brilliant mind and even more brilliant musician, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Madras is a great way to make your summer fits a little more interesting than the usual white or blue button-down and khaki slacks/shorts. I also really like the J Crew madras. There's some good stuff on Rakuten if you dig around, it's such a bitch to order though.. Linens should be a staple in your closest though. You should get both. Not to hijack this thread, but Anthony Green fan? Good man...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeskali I am on Plal's website and cant find an order or pricing form on the site. Am I doing something wrong? I want to get a pair of the Westbourne's in brown and was wondering if this is the best site to access or are there others? Thanks. Jeff From what I understand, you e-mail them with company, model size, they get back to you with price and shipping, and then you send them your info. But I have...
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