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Where I come from, the whores ARE the housewives
This is a question directed towards those with black scissors experience in regards to sizing; I would like to buy the Dior replica but seeing what I've seen regarding their sizing I need some help. I have a 44" chest, 34" sleeve length, 16.5" neck, and 17" arms at the bicep...what size would you suggest?
Wow, I totally overlooked that on the State Dept. page. Thank you!
Okay this may be a really dumb question....but does a U.S. Passport Book do the same thing as a U.S. Passport Card? Is it just a matter of preference which one applies for? Are certain people restricted to a certain type?
I am looking for the NdG Light Grey jeans or the APC Light Grey New Standard. I am also looking for the NdG Reverse Denim (Off-white/cream) jeans. Once stretched they need to fit a 32" waist. Preferably BNWT or BNw/oT.
Just because of all of the comments....these pictures are directly from the H&H MTM website..they are NOT me.
I have been considering purchasing some H&H shirts recently, but I was wondering what types of collars their RTW shirts have? York (Very cut away) Kent (Semi cut away) Sandhurst (Deep semi cut away) Marden (Classic) Button Down
Return it and buy the proper size. Then try again
$125 shipped
$175 shipped
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