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I have two pairs of BNw/oT APC NS Indigo and Black jeans. They are a size 30. I bought them as incentive for losing weight. Well, I lost the weight, but they are far too tight and I have hit rock bottom of my athletic build without compromising any muscle mass. Although they don't have tags, they are noticeably unworn. They are still as stiff as a rock. I am looking to trade these for a size 32 APC NS Indigo and Black. Or, I am looking to sell them for $130/pair.
Bollocks, my laptop is 15".
Depending on what size laptop this holds, I am very interested. Also, does it have a shoulder-strap or just handles?
Who makes the $248 shoes shown? Are they worth buying?
Harvie & Hudson gets my vote. With current exchange rates right now, you can grab them for about $45 each.
Do you usually carry condoms in your back pocket?
I think they see the production costs of BL as a sunk cost at the point that it hits Woodbury. Meaning whatever they get is better than 0 at that point.
PM sent.
$105 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You like it, living in Orange County? Nope. Voorhees Township, New Jersey.
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