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Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo I think Steve's Prince of Steaks are underrated and so is Chinks. Jim's is very good as well. This. I am from South Jersey, have lived in Philly the past 4 years, and have been going to Chinks literally since I was born. There is nothing like leaving there with your clothes reeking of cheesesteak. Gino's and Pat's have become tourist traps. And I don't like how they don't melt the cheese. Tony Luke's has...
These are gorgeous. brb looking for $350 under the couch
My next BASE jump
Thread resurrected. Anyone?
Are we talking suits? If so, then there are people who know much more than me here, albeit I am only 22 years old. But, briefly: Italian: very slim, very trendy, double vented, narrow lapels, low button stance (see RLBL); this is what you wear when you go out to a classy place and want to get laid American: terrible is the only thing that comes to mind. Unvented, baggy, etc etc English: Fits very well, fairly conservative, great for the CEO's (see RLPL)
Whats your location? If its the cliche summer wedding, I would, personally, totally be the guy to wear the khaki cotton or cream linen suit with a light blue or white shirt, black or dark navy tie. I'm also confused as to whether you are actually in the wedding (i.e. groomsman/best man), or whether you are simply a spectator in the pews (or whatever the seating is).
My daily diet: .25 cup oats 1 tbsp honey 1 tsp cinnamon 12 oz. OJ 6 oz. Dannon Light & Fit yogurt 2 slices whole grain bread a generous helping of deli turkey 1 slice cheese 1 tsp mayo 1 apple/12 oz. watermelon 1 cup multi-grain cheerios 12 oz. tuna/salmon/ground top sirloin/beef tenderloin/chicken 1 head of broccoli Finish the day out with enough whey to adjust my macros to 40/40/20. If its a lifting day, I have this meal right after my workout. Thats all about...
I would take the JL but I truly just cannot afford it right now
As a college graduation gift, my father and I are going on a roadtrip through Italy. I have never been, but I would like to make the best of it (i.e. drink the best wine and eat the best food...wouldn't hurt to see the most beautiful women, either). I will spend time in the following cities: Lugano, Switzerland (1 days, 2 nights) Venice (1 day, 2 nights) Florence (2 days, 3 nights) Sorrento (1 day, 2 nights) Rome (2 days, 3 nights) Does anyone have any specific...
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep do the blacks fit smaller in the waist? They both fit the same in the waist....the blacks have a very minimally larger leg.
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