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I do. Out of Cape May County, NJ. This past weekend was absolutely wild. 12' rolling bombs just coming in. Only a few spots were able to hold the size though....no point breaks or anything around here
I'm a heavy water drinker. During the summer close to 2.5 gallons/day. Some people here will ignorantly say that I am drowning my organs, but for the amount that I exercise, it keeps me sufficiently hydrated, and I find that sometimes I even stop sweating (signs of dehydration). FWIW, I lift heavy 3 days/week and on the days in between I race bicycles which accounts for about 250 miles/week.
Still here
Peruzzi items gone. Cole Haans still available
Bump. Now outright for sale for $125/pair
Quote: Originally Posted by jpo Where were the Cole Haans made? Are they true to size? I have no idea where they were made. They were purchased from the Cole Haan store this past November if that helps. Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes Euro 43 is US 9.5 or 10. Fit will depend on the last. This shoe fits like a US10 Quote: Originally Posted by carllipbaum To confirm, does a European size 43...
For sale is 1 items: Black, hand-made Peruzzi leather attacheSOLD Brown Peruzzi plain-toe oxford, size EU43SOLD Cole Haan Cordovan Cap-toe, size 10.5D Cole Haan Shoes - $75 shipped to lower 48
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Reviving this thread b/c I'll be in Philly in Aug. Was thinking above Le Bec Fin, Moritomoto and now that I've found this thread - Vetri. Opinions? Positano Coast in Old City. 3rd and Walnut
Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g that sucks. out of curiosity, is the payout more or less than all the items you actually lost costs, or about the same? The amount has not yet been discussed. Since this vacation is my college graduation gift from my father, he is taking care of it with what I like to call his iron fist (read: persistence to get what he wants). I would say that, the luggage itself included (Tumi), the value is close to...
I flew into Rome this morning and then transferred into Milan. Upon arriving in Milan, I come to find that my 2 suitcases with all of my clothing are missing. The airline is speaking of giving me a payout, along with my travelers insurance. My question is this: where do you suggest I go to buy quality clothing for business and casual wear? I am looking for shirts, polos, light sweaters, pants, jeans, belts, shoes, ties, suits. I will be in most major cities...
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