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Quote: Originally Posted by ndw I have not been to SF in quite some time (over 1 year)...could you please fill me in as to why this is a popcorn-worthy question?
I know he is no longer an affiliate and supposedly stopped his suit production, but does anyone still contact him for some one-off occasions? Possibly have his contact info? I really enjoyed his products and since I will be buying my first home soon but need some new suits, I am hoping to see if he is still relevant in the <$600 suit market
Probably not in the right section, but this is terribly sad. I thoroughly enjoyed his F/W 2009 collection...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sleats The 300 extra we charge for a Full Handstitched bespoke is not purely just an extra charge for a full canvass but is a charge to have made a fully hand-stitched suit to a West-end standard, with basted fittings etc Our hand-stitched semi bespoke is where we do slightly less handwork ie we run the lining in with a machine stitch except sleeves and there is a slightly lower hand-stitch density elsewhere. Our standard...
300GBP extra to go from half canvas to full canvas? Im not too familiar with MTM, but that seems a little steep to me
Considering that many stores have phased out their winter-wear already, and I missed the boat, I was hoping someone could refer me to a great MTM coat-maker. I was going to purchase one of the last RLBL Chesterfield Overcoats, but alas it was sold out by the time I could get to it this evening. This is the general cut I would be going for. RLBL Chesterfield, for example: FWIW, by affordable, I mean ~$1000 or less
Any new news on patterned socks? (Stripes, argyle, etc etc) Just curious before I place my order
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche +90 Any ideas for some good quality, albeit affordable (~$50-100) ones?
If one were to own a single pair of cufflinks, what would they be? What are the most versatile? Sterling Silver double-sided ovals?
Why has no one mentioned Steven Aver? At $599....I think hes probably better than anything else suggested in this thread.
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