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BiJ => slang term for blowjob. (Original Post now edited for clarity)
Today my wife complimented me on doing something romantic for her she said: "Aww, I should do a romantic thing for you!" And nothing came immediately to mind. Steak and BJ? Been there, done that. A gift? Something in an aged spirit? I'm curious: What do styleforumers consider a roMANtic gesture?
Is there a way to customize preferences so that threads load with the last post first? It makes it easier to pickup on threads one may be following.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Most of the rioters are the bridge and tunnel crowd from far out in the boonies and farm towns. Yup, Surrey was completely quiet tonight - because the riff raff all went downtown to riot.
Quote: Originally Posted by austinite Agree with both posters above. I was always extremely good at "high school math" and did well in Calculus, but in the harder math classes I struggled. Luckily in actual engineering work you generally only need to understand those topics at a conceptual level. Also remember that you can do many things once you get the degree. That being said, if there is something specific you would rather do, then you should...
Yes, it doesn't seem to matter that they're doing it right outside an HD television station.
What a race! @ the OP: How was the weekend?
Enjoy the city. I am not sure what EXACTLY is going on this year, but I lived there for years. There will probably be street-parties on Crescent St. and St. Laurent Boulevard. Crescent will probably be a beer-fuelled classic rock concert. On St. Laurent, it's usual that each night of the weekend, the street is 'presented' by one of the teams - Ferrari, for example - and local owners of Ferrari cars will have priority parking. There are probably also other 'team events'...
I'm 6'4", the Mrs. Is 6'2". When we first met, she stood up, and just kept going up and up and up...
Because you play for a hockey team that is still in the playoffs, of course! Also, a cousin of mine who is a rancher in Northern Canada grows his beard in winter to keep his face warm riding the range in the cold months. Another, older man in my family developed a skin condition late in life. He grew a beard to hide the scars. For what it's worth, the last time I grew a beard, it included a disturbing amount of grey hair!
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