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Then the right hand is unaware of the actions of the left. I see this on all browsers, and the app as well. I bet the others do as well.
Thanks for the update! That's so weird if unintentional. The items seemed to have disappeared not instantaneously, as if someone or some longer process was doing it.
This has happened to many of my items as well. I switched to a non-US YOOX version of the site, and I could see the items by searching for them (e.g. by showing all items from the brand). I have no idea why they do such things. Maybe they want to hide these items from an upcoming US sale but they often apply sales to particular items, so I really don't know.
Interesting. I've only seen dates on Black Fleece with either 2007 or 2008, I think. Another way of gauging the approximate age of an item when the year is omitted in the tag (based upon production of the particular item) is whether the main tag says "Brooks Brothers" or "Black Fleece". I believe they switched to the latter around 2010/2011 when they started selling the items in other stores, like Barneys. I point out the production of the particular item, rather than...
Yea, some of them.I'm sad to see the line go, and I agree that it had some great pieces, particularly if you've got the right body type for it.
I've been following the Black Fleece line for years. On occasion, they will add random items that were released years prior. The advance release date on those shirts seems suspect, but that must be some form of logistic issue on older stock rather than new items (or is it possible that they have leftover material they need to cut and create new "old stock" shirts?). I also suspect they had created BF items that were never added to the web-site but only sent to stores,...
My bad! I don't know what happened there! Sorry! I think I had the Coniston and returned it (due to its darkish color if I recall correctly), but I think I do have the Chelsea, even though I can't seem to find the e-mail confirmation.
These aren't new. They're in fact from a few years ago (I bought at least one of those), but the pages still exist both on their site and the various search engines indexes. I'm guessing you found those links by Google or the like, as that's probably the only way (other than manually entering the URL correctly). And for the record, they're Black Fleece, not standard BB.
This. Did anyone receive the code in the mail?
For me, it seemed to apply until the checkout page (including the $200 discount). At that point, it said the coupon was applied but the full amount was displayed. After being on with customer service for about 10 minutes, I was told it only applies to full-priced items (I am not sure whether the inconsistency with regard to the code was due to the items being on sale). I believe it may have that stipulation on the card, but it would be nice if the web-site was...
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