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This. Did anyone receive the code in the mail?
For me, it seemed to apply until the checkout page (including the $200 discount). At that point, it said the coupon was applied but the full amount was displayed. After being on with customer service for about 10 minutes, I was told it only applies to full-priced items (I am not sure whether the inconsistency with regard to the code was due to the items being on sale). I believe it may have that stipulation on the card, but it would be nice if the web-site was...
I couldn't find it either. What I did was do a Google search, limiting the results to the site. Type this into the Google search box: site:brooksbrothers.com "natural craftsmanship"
I think corporate members are supposed to sign in with a new account, which is "corporate" enabled, which allows you to enter your corporate id just once. I think you can see that warning for corporate members on the sign-on page. Fucked up doesn't begin to describe this total piece of shit for a website.
They probably spent a good deal of effort "improving" the web-site, when all they really needed to do is improve the back-end management system. BF is treated differently for inventory purposes, and I don't know why. I can't understand how a company can allow such poor user experience, or why this problem is so hard to solve.
The problem is more pronounced than not being updated in real-time. The items seem to be automatically-added in every size. Even if they were once available in every size, they didn't just all sell out immediately. And, the items never go away, at least with this new system.
Please see my reply from within the last few minutes. You'll find that virtually nothing is available, once you get through checkout.
Their inventory system for BF sucks royally, and trying to figure out what is actually available is extremely difficult with the newly-designed website. I added a whole bunch of items, none were available. But, you only find out after entering ALL your info, including gift cards, etc. Since they know this information, I'm not sure why they can't display it earlier. The new web-site lists every size as available for many items (before completed checkout), an indication...
I don't own any Golden Fleece myself, as I generally prefer Black Fleece. So, others would be able to better answer the question. There's been discussion in other threads as to re-tagged GF suits. I certainly would prefer a Greenfield product. Not sure whether I should order the suit for myself, since $600 seems to be a good price, but not a steal. I believe I have read speculation that some GF suits running around at discount shops may be the recalled Southwick ones...
There should be a white label sewn into each piece of the garment, either one that looks like this one (Southwick): http://www.styleforum.net/t/243159/when-is-the-next-brooks-brothers-sale/2625#post_5771855 Or this one (Greenfield): http://www.styleforum.net/t/243159/when-is-the-next-brooks-brothers-sale/2640#post_5772139
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