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Some 0 feedback buyer just BIN'd my boots on ebay, payment marked as sent but obviously there's nothing in my paypal, I'll never see that money. What kind of lame budget scam is that shit, can't believe people are falling for it. It's so basic it makes me sad.
stop being so blaséThe masks are a stroke of genius, they manage to imbue the collection with fantasy while anchoring it in reality at the same time.
And the square toes.I was the first to defend (still do) the last collection but this I don't know man. There are some interesting stuff in there, stuff that calls back to the early collections but it's marred by all the flashy colors and the prints and... Not to beat a dead horse but this is so slick to the point of being sterile, maybe that's the industrial designer in Raf. On the topic of shorts and school uniforms, Fall 2012 (which I grew to really like) offered a much...
MILAN MENSWEAR 23/06 MARNI Posting for the ponchocoats MISSONI Feels a bit more classic and less sportswear than the previous collections, color palette is fantastic as always. PRADA Prada Sleazy/Seedy 2014. Weird shit. I quite like the 90s volumes, dropped shoulders, wide trousers + fitted jackets. Prada being Prada this is high concept stuff, something similar delivered by a lesser/gaudier label would've no doubt fared much...
It just feels like a mishmash of ideas --none of which are fully developed -- pulling the collection in different directions, she's been pushing prints for the last few collections and it always feel like an afterthought.It's in no way not a radical departure from the previous Zegna collections but it's great to see Pilati bringing the subtlety and refinement (and color palette) from his best YSL years (mainly FW07, SS08, FW10, SS11, FW11, SS12) to the label.Hackermann =...
yeah don't get that Ann don't do it
don't care about your sorry, give me me money back
MILAN MENSWEAR 22/06 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Good fit for Pilati JIL SANDER As unfair as it might be, Raf probably ruined Jil by Jil for me. Retrospectively, I think her comeback collection might've been my favorite. Most of it just looks underwhelming and a bit dull and confused, the prints feel out of place. The shorts are great.
PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO 19/06 - 20/06 KOLOR Dries vibes
New Posts  All Forums: