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Ready for prison !
I respect the hustle
Don't really care. I'm intrigued by the idea of a sz-approved designer (so someone with some kind of vision at least) taking over but I can't help but think it's just a way to legitimize a good old cash grab so I'm wondering how much latitude said designer will have. Also not sure what an Helmut Lang relaunch without Helmut Lang really means.Actually thought about Pugh too. I guess Theyskens would make sense. The list is pretty short.edit: p4, trendsetter is so 2000s, ...
But threads evolve over time, for example SOON has strayed from its original purpose and is now a dump for quick posts about cool stuff without much (after)thought, but yeah that's the kind of obliqueness I wish it had fostered. I do think that kind of stuff has its place here too however and I find the two posts above enjoyable for the insights and fresh POV they bring. But for the record, I'm not at all against fashion posts in here (not that it matters...), I just think...
It'll probably be Siki Im or some other dude sadly. No rugby shirt w/ nipple cutout :/
Crossing my fingers for Michael Bastian
Any word on the designer ?
It's just not that interesting. Sure, guys like Shuit & co. always look good but posting that stuff in here feels so literal and a bit impersonal and lame, it's 2nd hand inspiration from predigested aesthetics. It turns this thread into a lazy "how would you like to dress" thing and brings it one step closer to the rampant consumerism and shoppinglists galore so prevalent in most sw&d threads. This is the one place when you can make abstraction of brands and labels and...
dude looks like a tit
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