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^ you need a rack for that. I've been using that big ass backpack from Mission Workshop for a couple of years now, way too big for what I realistically need on an everyday basis but it's pretty solid, comfortable and well designed. They have added a bunch of smaller models to their lineup since, might be worth a look.
This just a bunch of disparate stock pics without any added value, there's nothing interesting about it
make creepy papier maché dolls give them away in forum swap
stuff is medium. i'll pm if it fits larger
Well, if you're only looking for a jacket to keep you warm or dry or whatever paying the super premium for Veilance or Acronym is kinda dumb because it won't perform any better than well made outdoor gear. You buy the stuff because you're a nerd and you want something with little branding and clean lines and because you like all kinds of side details or minor design improvements of questionable relevance or functionality to most people. I like the Veilance and Acronym...
sold !
yes. campus 80s primeknitNot sure, haven't tried on everything properly yet. What size are you these days ?No knits but I got some outerwear that might fit, will update later.
this guy
price dropp
dreez +
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