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That's a repro from a WW2 British army vest (also known as battle jerkin it seems), just googled skeleton vest and that stuff came up. Thanks to Crane's for that one.
Which one ?
Number (N)ine FW2006
Kostas Murkudis FW2010
With the phone pocket (removable ?) for that Nokia 3310 swagSure but we're talking about their appropriation by the fashion industry.What's a skeleton vest exactly ?This ?
Tell me more about that stuff. Is the undercollar olive green ?
Is your balance in Canadian dollars ?
Ha yeah, had to smile reading that.Also functionality/utilitarianism/... fetishismThisreminded me of a passage from Zero History, can't find it atm
But... What is practicality ? What is functionality ? What is QUALITY indeed ? Me I just like to fiddle with zippers, velcro pockets and snap buckles with an air of purpose.
New Posts  All Forums: