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Can't take HBA seriously, looks like badly digested Rick mixed with vintage Helmut and peppered with the obligatory Givenchy + logos overload
I will crush your separatist tendencies, America. Exceptionalism is over, get in line.
Such a thread already exists and you both posted in it.
For some reason I can't picture Vass U boots working well in that color. Jodhpurs, side zips, sure... but that's totally different.
And if you're rally committed you need the scooter that comes with it
Masterclass in subtlety, as usual rich but muted colors and soft volumes elevate what would've been a generic effort in lesser hands.
Those are the ones I like the best too. Basically straps with panel pockets and without the all unnecessary fabric and bulkiness of full-fledged vests. Also much better for layering (under or over). I passed on the Raf one a couple months ago, regrets... From a practical standpoint the low pocket placement might turn out to be pretty annoying, looks nice under the ma-1 though.
Facetasm might be the closest thing to the CCP so far (front wise at least), not ideal but maybe an affordable alternative. Probably doesn't look great zipped up. SS12 FW12 SS13 FW13 boss Ochiai
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