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Hidden things are more exciting
Well they're hardshell jackets (mostly) so they're designed to keep you dry and protect you against the wind, not to keep you warm. Depending on what kind of winter temps you're dealing with you might manage with appropriate layering + down liner but if you need some serious extra insulation you should probably have a look at the Veilance stuff instead.
MAN ABOUT TOWN #9 Fall/Winter 2011 Photo -- Jamie Hawkesworth Styling -- Benjamin Bruno
link ?Exactly
Prepare Chinese carpet Garden carpet Woods carpet Garden down Horizonball Garden Twingbag
If someone bids on it you just let the auction run its course, if a forum member buys it you cancel an ebay auction with 0 bidders, no need to be "that guy"
Because it's listed on two different platforms at the same time ? Pretty sure it's the same dude just looking for a quick sell. Never done that ?
Why ?
Are old UC grails like pokemons or smthg ? 2-3 is standard j-sizes, there's a chance you might eventually find one on yjp etc. Post a WTB on sufu.
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