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Is she actually dead when he tries to wake her up ?But Rohmer's masterpiece remains, indubitablyI have a couple of ideas, not sure if they're good but yeah I can do that.Just need to know if @thewho13 goes first. Only saw Rope once as a kid and I can't remember a thing about it so definitely down with that one.
No idea how the stuff will look in stores or on ppl but you know what ? I think this really cool. Sure, it lacks the relaxed opulence of the previous collections and it might look a bit flat (although the lighting and background are at least partially to blame for that) but as a collection and aesthetic proposition (!) I think it's actually stronger and leaner than FW13 and FW12. I always appreciate how Lemaire manages to channel inspirations and silhouettes from the past...
can it get any more pretentious and poseur than this ? what a fucking joke
Something a little better than 2D images source: Diane Pernet
Decided to make individual threads for most collections instead. Will keep this thread for the usual overviews and stuff that I don't feel like making a thread for. RAF SIMONS FW2014 HAIDER ACKERMANN FW2014 YOHJI YAMAMOTO POUR HOMME FW2014 DAMIR DOMA FW2014 DRIES VAN NOTEN FW2014 KOLOR FW2014 RICK OWENS FW2014 BORIS BIDJAN SABERI FW2014 ...
DAMIR DOMA: Pariahdom I thought it looked pretty decent as I was scanning the thumbnails, seeing the stuff in details I'm more skeptical. There are hints of old DD in the timidly voluminous outerwear, the long tailored coats (I like those) and the use of rougher fabrics/finishes but pretty much everything else looks like some bizarro KVA (or is it Dior Homme ?) and we all know this is not a path you want to take. I'm not sure about the weird fabric treatment (kinda looks...
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