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Maybe they'll throw some of these your way
Schlager festivals are a good approximation of hell on earth
Total Document Solution sounds ominous. Is that for your Complete World Domination project ? I think forgoing spreadsheets is a rookie mistake.
No need to worry, it's part of the intended design and what makes every Maison Martin Margiela truly unique, embrace the decrepitude and wear in good health ! Duct tape also offers and elegant solution consistent with the Maison ethos.
There's a great film-essay by Chris Marker on the filming of Ran / Akira Kurosawa [[SPOILER]]
It'll probably look like shit but yeah it's kinda cool (and cheap ?) when you fill it with crumpled newspaper for insulation. The Final Home stuff is not very advanced when it comes to performance/ technical stuff (it's homeless ppl performance gear) but that's not really the point behind the concept, as long as you don't buy it for that purpose it should be alright.
Pretty sure photons are red.
No. Not for 210. No way.
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