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No I like the pants + coat combo as it is, just think it'd look cleaner if the pants weren't textured (looks nice though). Pants could even be a bit longer for me, but you'd probably need more volume to make it work then, that's why the Yang Li stuff seems like a good fit (I'm thinking about those wide hem trousers on LNCC a while ago). In any case I don't think cropped is the way to go.
I like this. Coat looks great worn open and without belt, not sure about the texture of the pants in this context but plz don't crop. A pair of those wider Yang Li pants would work pretty well here.
So many Regises
Still waiting on that NMWA thumbs up to store credit conversion program
I can't stand creases so I wear cordovan sandals
I need more green knits in my life
Second merino coat details
RAF SIMONSFW2000 Frayed stiff wool sweater100% woolMade in BelgiumUnwornSize 50pit to pit - 20.9"shoulder to shoulder - 18.5"sleeve - 26.4"body - 29.5"$180 + shipping [[SPOILER]]
More stuff tomorrow
STEPHAN SCHNEIDERDouble breasted coat100% woolMade in BelgiumLightly wornSize 5pit to pit - 20.9"shoulder to shoulder - 18"sleeve - 25.6"body - 40.6"SOLD ITEMS [[SPOILER]]
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