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I don't see anything inspirational in the frantic multiplication of brands whose business model is wholly predicated on the most transparent kind of intellectual larceny, consumers' ignorance and a well-oiled hype machine. If anything, the truly interesting voice is still at risk of being drowned out by the noise. Second Layer's approach might appear more respectable and less of a blatant cash grab but it's still fundamentally the same trite and very literal regurgitation...
just another garbage brand peddling flavor of the month ripoffs to undiscerning morons with too much money
price drop
This one is the regular fitting crewneck, yours is the slightly oversized/dropped shoulder/thinner version, right ? That thing came in all shapes and sizes (oversized, hooded, cropped etc)
this works (not a waywt)
Speaking of bourgeois intellectual's wet dream... Finished Stillman's 'yuppie trilogy' the other day. Definitely an acquired taste but quite enjoyable if you're not allergic to hyper articulate preppie angst, overly analytical and self involved characters and very written dialogues (one of Stillman's trademark, his sensibility is definitely more literary than cinematic). Granted it all sounds perfectly awful especially if, like me, you don't have any sort of affinity with...
wish I could find one in my size
STEPHAN SCHNEIDER Green cotton hidden placket jacket 100% cotton Made in Belgium New Size 4 $360 shipped EU/US
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