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just another generic label from generic nyfw, it'll fit right it on mrporter
This ? FW2012-13
ca4la def those dior backpacks are no good
price drop
price drop
Raf Simons is pissed because Jeff Goldblum is also wearing stan smiths and now both of them look like idiots
back when Moo was a Kawakubo fanboy ss1998
don't know anything about lanvin footwear quality these days but from here those look filmsy as fuck and like any other generic barneysbrand shitty tin soled derbies. raf/jil/yang li/.... derbies tend to have a much heavier silhouette, fuller toe box, thicker sole etcblack sole, leather patches...not qualified to advise Regis on Margiela purchases...
seems to me that black socks are the only option with shorts (or white socks if you're wearing adilettes).
speaking of... céline 2014 has raf c.2000 vibes, i'm ok with that
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