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but then you'd need to carry a lint roller on you at all time and you'd probably need refills too and you'd be lint rolling non stop
Wait, what coat are we talking about ?
Can't find any, if anyone has links...
I'd just rebrand it as a slow living slow shopping experience, for ppl who have time, the ultimate luxury.
Most important thing to remember: never ever wear a light colored mohair sweater with dark colored pants/outerwear and vice versa.
I'd swap the ss trousers with some more voluminous straight trousers, wanna see some flare action with all those long coats. 90s/Branquinho/Lang stuff. Parker knows.
you're welcome, felt is awesome back to rp, got this in the mail http://brownseditions.com/bookstore/out-of-print-details/product/dries-van-noten/
No, felt is what regular wool turns into when you hot wash on high speed spin cycle(s) (so the opposite of what you're supposed to do with wool), it shrinks and wool fibers become more densely tangled. But once the wool is felted you wash it the exact same way as you would other wool garments. No shrinking no problems.
You should email them
Wool felt is great though, supremely comfortable and hard wearing. You just need to get sweaters 4 sizes too big to account for shrinkage and let the machine do its magic.
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