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Piles of ashes are always the natural next step for old Helmut
Although I feel like this collection is probably the easiest so far in terms of trying to integrate pieces into an existing wardrobe. Camel tones, cashmere etc. The silky stuff in vibrant colors Dries on steroids kinda thing of past seasons was much more of a whole package deal than this stuff right here.edit: Actually, since I don't care about his tiny bottoms and rock-chic shtick, I can totally see his coats/tops working outside the context of the collection.
A.F. VANDEVORST Spring/Summer 2015
Galliano is great at what he does (Dior, couture etc), it's just that what he does is all about spectacle and extravagance and that's pretty much the complete opposite of what MMM stands for.I doubt the basic menswear stuff will be much affected by all this though.
I'd say that's pretty spot on
Men have great coats but women have all the cool pants.
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