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also Undercover looks like
Ok, yeah I'm probably going to stick with Para, just need a new pair in boring black so that should do it. Thanks! Cargo pockets + hand in pockets = power thighs
Cargo could be a tad looser I feel. Any thoughts on the Thuya compared to the Michael from Paraboot ?
Well if you don't want wacky you might as well get regular combat boots
Price drop
Watched it for the 100th time over xmas, such a fantastic and delicious villain (in Prince of Thieves too, rip childhood...). And the voice...Can we skip the rest of 2016 already ? [[SPOILER]]
I'm sure it's already posted somewhere in this thread but... The Great Silence stands next to the Leone stuff at the top and is the definitive snow spaghetti. The English dub is particularly bad full soundtrack
To be fair, I probably read something about it somewhere before seeing the film (just did a quick browse and by Tarantino's own admission it's basically his take on The Thing). That and the trifecta Kurt Russell + snow + Morricone.And if we want to sink to masturbatory depths, deep down The Thing is about contagious paranoia, how you can't trust anyone etc ... (Agatha Christie again) and is prime material for all kinds of allegorical interpretations, political or social,...
I was surprised at how 'stagey' and static it turned out to be, especially given the choice of filming in Panavision (interiors looked great though). All in all, I felt like it was maybe at least as much indebted to suspense/horror films and less of a direct spaghetti homage (Hitchcock, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None and most def Carpenter's The Thing...). If nothing else, Tarantino does a good job at reworking/blending his influences into unexpected...
I'm still watching but I feel like it's becoming more generic with each new episode even though you know some serious shit is building up. Haven't read the books but what I enjoy the most so far are all peripheral world building aspects, the background stuff that's not explained but shown (the tech, the mining stuff in the last ep,, the slingshot club thing etc). But the closer you get to the main narrative the more uninspired the treatment gets.
New Posts  All Forums: