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He has boxes full of those, bulk buying old stock Raf
Same experience here (with my one and only pair), measured waist is about 32" with a tagged size S or maybe even XS, figured it was mistagged or a sample but maybe not after all. Sorta high rising regular leg if that matters.
1. Feed the machine mind bending Yohji fits 2. Run advanced and esoteric multi layered cloth dynamics simulations 3. ??? 4. WAYWT domination
But not The Last Days of Disco ?sorry @robinsongreen68 missed this earlierGlad to hear your enjoyed The Knick, I love that show unconditionally for reasons I don't care to fully pinpoint.Nothing new that I can recommend as enthusiastically but Atlanta and Fleabag are definitely worth checking out, was also pleasantly surprised by The Girlfriend Experience (haven't seen the film) and The Crown which turned out to be a pretty compelling watch against all odds and a decent...
groovy library music sort of stuff lately
Thx guys. Cabourn length would be ideal but the taped seams detail kinda ruin it. I like SEH a lot but the length of their stuff doesn't work for me, way too short
Our Legacy FW2017 jumping on it
Looking for a knee length ventile single breasted thingy. Only thing I can find is that Private White stuff that comes either overdesigned or in that garbage mid-thigh length. MHowell had one a while ago but the current model is rubberized cotton which sucks Any reccs ?
thought the lego 90s hiking vibe was the whole point, old ACG etc
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