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gym and everyday wear is what I meant but yeah ok it can get pretty heavy and annoying when soaked. works great for euro weather all year round though. can't deal with tokyo summers
I've pretty much been living in wool base/midlayers for the last 2 years and it feels great. Cotton is alright I guess but tech fabrics are worthless.
some look great most look goofy as fuck
can't see it :/3A-SR1 suspensor in L/XL (for sale on grilled)
i'm down for a fur vest bag, cold weather edition
@kindofyoung talked about ordering it iirc yeah that NAT vest checked all the boxes, shame about the size
yeah the self edge version in cotton (?) don't really need the buckles/straps/back though so bit of a hard buy at 2000€ or so. but yeah clearly that's the closest to what I'm looking for in terms of pocket size and fabric feel. (obviously need to stop being lazy and botch DIY the shit out of this tbh)
robbie snelders omg
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