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(but what if I changed my mind) I'm a collector against my better judgment and it sucks, lots of shit never worn wasting space, tying up funds, useless.
sleep tight
Isn't Will Fry the guy with all the printed stuff ? I guess moving into the quality basics business is a shift toward sophistication. I feel like one John Elliot is more than enough but hey it looks like that market is still not completely over saturated so...ARW, can't shake the feeling that Xander Zhou is just too obsessed with Raf Simons for his own good.And for all this talk about democratization, it's always surprising how unstuffy some of those old shows are compared...
it's a state of mind
Is it really about democratization though ? You're best placed to talk about this but is the industry really that stodgy ? I mean, weirdo party kids fashion is nothing new and, if anything, from an admittedly cursory browse this slew of emerging designers (not specifically talking about VFiles but it's pretty representative) seems to solidify the status quo more than anything else. Imo there's very little there that feels refreshing or indeed designed by a real human...
Yeah sure, it's still a business first.
cut it down the middle
It's really just my perception of things when I was still following PE, I'm not talking about specific garments or anything. I'm being a bit unfair here because I haven't paid attention to the label in a couple years (there's my original wordy ranting somewhere in the first pages of the PE thread if you feel like digging). So we're coming at it from very different angles for obvious reasons but here goes.Well he's talking about romance and sci-fi and his predilection for...
Sadly that quote applies much better to what Ervell did around 2009-2010 when he was still interesting. And he did find that sweet spot between high romance and practicality. But there's very little of that left in the more recent stuff which strikes as painfully practical and unimaginative above all (unwearable works too).VFiles is of course a steaming pile of confused trash.
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