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RAF SIMONS FW2002 tneck Made in Belgium Small Never worn
Please let this Yohji bump end the watches derail
never taper
Only saw Japon so far and it's was a while ago, definitely time for a rewatch. From what I understand it's the most conventional of his films. Booing is actually pretty common at Cannes, it's almost a tradition. Antonioni was booed several times, Taxi Driver and Pulp Fiction were booed when they won the Palme d'Or, Cronenberg's Crash was booed when it won the jury prize. And it's not reserved to foreign films either, Eustache was booed for The Mother and the Whore,...
Speaking of Reygadas, haven't seen Post Tenebras Lux (yet) but that opening sequence (00:58 > 08:00) is something else.
Yeah pretty is the word. Thought it was kinda poor story wise though, visuals, camerawork, soundtrack and overall dark tone somewhat made up for it but the whole thing fell short and felt a bit gratuitous to me. Still very enjoyable for the cinematography alone as Diniro said, but definitely a case of style over substance. Liked that sequence in Noah too. Still haven't finished though, watched Black Swan instead eh.
What's so great about that shirt if long sleeves and a shorter body would be preferable (so like any regular oxford bd) ? Anyway, the body is too tight and that's what's throwing the whole thing off. You can shorten the front but it'll still look wrong imo. Long shirt can be cool but they need to be at least a bit flowy and shit, not slim fitting with high armholes. Otherwise it just looks like some random oxford button up shirt (meant to be tucked-in) with cut-off sleeves.
Regardless of the length issue, button-up collar + short sleeve is rarely a good look.
30 years ago . . .
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