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To temper some more...Those sales are relatively small operations and a bit of a tradition in Antwerp, some people may just fly in but there's also lots of non-fashion fiends locals shopping there, families, old people, coming back year after year. Good vibes. So it's sort of an institution with its regulars etc and having someone coming in and buying half the stock or more might not necessarily be desirable even though it makes sense from our perspective.On top of that,...
Not sure how cool they'd be with someone buying entire bolts of the stuff at the time, maybe they don't care, idk. I can certainly look into it. It'd be a logistical nightmare in any case but if there's interest and specific enough requests, why not ? Could be fun.
that's crazy
Well, some of the fabrics, leftover stuff from previous collections. Only twice a year though. Same with Dries, Ann, Ackermann etc.
You can actually buy bolts of old Schneider fabrics
someone with small feet should grab these EG Memphis, look pretty close to the Massaro side zips as far as I can tell http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-EDWARD-GREEN-Memphis-Handmade-Dark-Brown-Suede-Boots-UK-6-5-E-US-7-EU-40-/281682909058?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item41959c1782
subscriptions are why forums go to shit
Don't know if it's the texture or the shape or both but I feel like the HS loafers call for something less clean cut (or vice versa), they kinda look like slippers there
hahahahathe whole thing is so schizophrenic
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