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Ansnam looks alright but has that annoying mid thigh length, Kaftan looks bad, Ziggy looks whatevs
Any PE aficionado here interested in some historical Ervell item ? Found the reversible hooded coat from his seminal fw2008 collection (feels like a lifetime ago) buried in my closet, had no idea I still had it. Heavy duty soft twill in khaki/slate, horns buttons, brass hardware etc. Cost a pretty penny at the time and is basically unworn, size L I think. Not desperate to sell but I figure someone in here might be looking for that kind of thing...
It's always removable on those, comes off with the lining
Addict clothes ?
I gotta say I like the other SEH wool outerwear more. Too many navy coats already ?
Old but gold, the topographic welt
When it comes to SWD, a fat 360 welt is crucial imo but I'm not one for subtlety.
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