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24hrs laterdidn't send shitsurprise surprise@thekunk07
Who cares about how Geller wears it, brick+black is solid
@thekunk07 since you have time for fitpics, can you finally answer my emails / send me the tracking info / give me my money back ? if it's not too much to ask
big deal, not a lot there to save anyway
you should put some vibram #100 on that sole, I would
This is way nerdy, nice pics.Vague observations after a quick read, not to be taken too seriously. I'd put the personal part (thoughts) first as intro, work your original intro somewhere halfway into the overview, condense both a bit and add the details info and pics to the construction part. Feels like it'd flow better and avoid some repetitions that way. Content wise, it still reads a bit too clinical and impersonal for my tastes but if that's the vibe you're going for...
Not about the music but that sequence from Man With a Movie Camera is forever inextricably linked in my mind with the score composed by the Alloy Orchestra. Seeing that 80 year old film come alive on screen half asleep at an 8AM showing remains one of my most memorable movie theater experience.45:20 - 54:20 = greatnessSome people will say that the Cinematic Orchestra soundtrack is the superior one but, as much as I appreciate the cover of Theme de Yoyo, I don't think it...
price drop
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