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c. 2006-2007 long coats, if you can make it happen I'm definitely on board.
Yeah I liked furever a lot but fake fur lined stuff not so muchhave it for sale in sz4 if you're looking to buy
Everything has to come from somewhere but there's a difference, in degree if not in kind, between someone taking inspiration from rider jackets/1940s haute couture/fetish stuff etc and managing to make something coherent and singular out of it all like RO and someone who decides to make asymmetrical leathers with funnel necks and extra long sleeves because it sells right now. The end result might be more or less the same but I'm perfectly fine admiring the work of the...
That's the 'official' Saint Laurent biopic approved by Pierre Bergé (kinda sets the tone), made on autopilot and flatlining from beginning to end. It's about as exciting as a filmed wikipedia entry.It's unfortunate timing that that insipid piece of filmmaking was released shortly before the other (unofficial) biopic by Bertrand Bonello (one of the most interesting French director working today) which, while not without its flaws, is an infinitely superior film and...
STEPHAN SCHNEIDER Hidden placket flannel shirt 100% cotton Made in Belgium Brand new Size 7 (slim cut) (chest width - 22" / shoulders width - 18.5" / sleeve length - 27" / body length - 29") $150 shipped EU/US * * * * STEPHAN SCHEIDER Silky shirt 100% cotton Made in Belgium Brand new Size 7 (regular cut) (chest width - 22.8" / shoulders width - 19.3" / sleeve length - 27" / body length - 29") SOLD * * * * PATRIK ERVELL Iron...
Not exactly a fabric thread but [Threads Macromania ::: Mr DeMille, I'm Ready For My Closeup] It's What's Inside That Counts: Impressive Interiors of Our Favorite Pieces
thanks man
* * * * DRIES VAN NOTEN Luxurious and voluminous linen cargo trousers. Adjustable ankle straps, double flap cargo pockets. Available in rich olive green and beige. 100% linen Never worn Size 48 (waist = 33.9") $260 > 230 shipped EU/US
nah your shirts are probably too tight
that's a regular ass tshirt, ffs
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