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Bored by the subject or by the way it was told or both ? Yeah I want to see that film. KoY, I'll give it a watch, thx. Haven't started the 2nd season but comedy-wise the first season of Review (comedy central) was a lot of fun.
Narcos was alright, bit heavy on the info dumping but that's unavoidable (omnipresent voiceover was annoying but a smart choice in the end, funny how the supposed main protagonist ends up spending most of the series on the sidelines as powerless observer, meta). Wagner Moura is great. Half way through Show Me a Hero, so far so very good. Feels like I'm going through the entire Springsteen discography with the soundtrack tho, been warned. Bastard Executioner is the...
didn't see that but not surprising, almost mentioned GR. don't care about him one bit
More like the old Margiela passed through the meat grinder : ) still, similarities are there on some superficial level and the connection is easily made so they'd be idiots not to milk it. Of course this is 2015 not 1990 so anticonformism is just another cog in the fashion machine and it's all very neatly and appealingly packaged and ready to be consumed in record time, but they're pretty transparent about that so, well, you can't really hold it against them.I like the...
brought to you by yoox bullshit alphanumeric brand name generator
it's endearing
well it's pleasant to look at, like other crazy patched up/patchworked garments. still, looks kinda cheap and definitely looks like some late 80s weirdugly busy design you'd find in a thrift store, not sure i'd want to drop rebuild money on that... can't really dislike it for some reason though.
fuck the dropThe Case for Expensive Clotheshttp://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2015/10/the-case-for-expensive-clothes/408652/#disqus_thread(Oh hi Marc, post again sometimes)
no jan jan for me for now
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