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Yeah that thing is coolBut the whole Damir trajectory is just depressing.Here's some blabla about the collectionAlways a good read
Idk, it seems pretty restrained in terms of prints this time.. The shows are getting get longer and longer though, feels like you could lose a good 10-15 looks in the middle without much harm to the show.Harnesses + long coats are definitely the high point for me.Also like the way the singlet tops + waistbands and layered tshirts evoke dance uniformsNureyev knew one thing or two about prints
The only Belgian that delivers tonight HQ
damir doma doubling down. shit is mystifying
Colors are great, super wide carrying straps are great, liking this.
Those looks are almost exact replicas of recent Damir stuff is what I'm saying. Feel like DD has been more techno industrial than romantic opulence for a couple years now.
Wide trousers looks are the only decent ones
Bootleg Damir
New Posts  All Forums: