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Yes millefeuille sole is the best thing about those, feel like all the other details detract from it though
SS14 C-1 vest Poplin Chambray
nice. is that the viscose one ? (forgot to PM you the pics but the coats I was talking about are the ones I posted a couple pages back )
so ?
would look better as some kind of fucked up sidezip design without the laces and the captoe and the contrast tongue thing. i think
More EG SS14 shooting vest Navy tropical wool Olive ripstop
When are you there ?No sales that I'm aware of, Brussels is not that great when it comes to shopping. Go see the Michaƫl Borremans exhibition @ Bozar (right behind the central station) (unless you're there on Monday when most museums are closed) then you can slowly head downtown to the Dansaert district (20min walk) where you'll find Stijl, Hunting and Collecting etc. The Margiela store is in the same area, just a tiny bit out of the way next to the Saint-Catherine old docks.
yep Dries. it's actually some slightly iridescent synthetic thing that looks and feels like raw silkMight be able to source another one, might be the grey version though.Not on the internet Not sure about the names, left is a lightweight wool shirt jacket, right is a cotton jacket (it's actually faded green)
more stuffand... [[SPOILER]]
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