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price drop
prce drop
but then you'd need to carry a lint roller on you at all time and you'd probably need refills too and you'd be lint rolling non stop
Wait, what coat are we talking about ?
Can't find any, if anyone has links...
I'd just rebrand it as a slow living slow shopping experience, for ppl who have time, the ultimate luxury.
Most important thing to remember: never ever wear a light colored mohair sweater with dark colored pants/outerwear and vice versa.
I'd swap the ss trousers with some more voluminous straight trousers, wanna see some flare action with all those long coats. 90s/Branquinho/Lang stuff. Parker knows.
you're welcome, felt is awesome back to rp, got this in the mail http://brownseditions.com/bookstore/out-of-print-details/product/dries-van-noten/
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