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THE FACE March 1991 Photo -- Nigel Shafran, Richard Croft Styling -- /
More NEIGHBORHOOD N-1V / C- Vest SS2013 C.C. PACK / C- Vest FW2013 LUMBERS. PACK / W- Vest SS2014 S-1 MOD. / C- Vest
^Nothing beats a well cut pair of high waisted trousers.
Fair enough. That's still one of the only collab to date that might sorta make sense on its own (outside the usual 'democratizing fashion' cash grab context). I mean , for once, the cheaper materials, inferior finishing and mass produced nature are somewhat coherent with the designer's project/vision.Ok but most of the time those same people wouldn't match their high end pieces with stuff from H&M or Zara. So, leaving aside marginal considerations about quality, it's all...
Well Lemaire often talks about his strong interest in utilitarian uniforms (dull fabrics, plain cuts etc) so it makes sense he's attracted to the romance of Uniqlo's image as producer of honest basics. Besides, a 1)cheap 2)mass produced garment is a desirable and desired outcome in this case, something to be celebrated for what it is. Sure, Uniqlo is clever marketing and CL wants a piece but I don't think he's being that much of an hypocrite here.
That's everything I hate in one boot
it's blue the very one : )
Yeah that's definitely possible. In any case, the next sale isn't until early fall so there's ample time for planning.welcome back from the cryo chamber, i have some terrible news about LN-CC
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