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JCrew on Mr Porter is product placement
^ http://hypebeast.com/2014/12/second-layer-2014-fall-winter-venice-spot-light-editorial-for-h-lorenzo
LA Guy's Mr Porter bingo aside, whichever is the least cropped
coats with wonky proportions tend to look like shit unless you have outfits to back it up, something to keep in mind.that parka is as bad as the fake *Archive Raf* garbage making the rounds. textbook money grabbing, please don't encourage him.(and if you really like the picture the book will have a much better resale value should you tire of looking at it)what kind of sick minded individual would remove lapels but keep welt pockets
Can you try these guys out and report back ?http://www.tezomeya.com/en/
Bene bring back the scrubs
someone buy my coat instead
unreasonably happy that Uptempos are back @baltimoron thought your jacket was black, didn't realize they don't match. what the difficulty exactly ? that flight suit needs to happen
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