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nah I don't mind
ELLE FRANCE March 1990 Photo -- Friedemann Hauss Styling -- Christine Riedberger
cool boots on **************************************** Helmut Lang US8 Carpe Diem US9
This has greatly revived my interest in the g-star collabTragic. The old models were the only decent designer sneakers outside of Owensdom.
VOGUE ITALIA September 1998 Photo -- Steven Meisel Fashion Editor -- Brana Wolf
is that an evilgeniusdan photobomb ? edit: answered
Can you answer my PM ? It's getting fucking tiresome.
I think these are them, only sz.3 thoughhttps://shopnumber4.com/christophe-lemaire-cargo-pants-black.htmlSeems to be a Lemaire staple.
Almost bought those, tiny zipper is annoying.
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