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All you guys have the luxury of a vast domestic market and the luxury of choosing not to ship international if you don't feel like it, check your privilege.
best baudelairetronic
List every item for $10000, hog the front page with price drops, generate views, sell for 300
Pebbled counter looks wrong
I'd pass, don't half ass a double breasting. You can dress it down but you need to commit, that jacket wants to be too many things at once and ends up looking gimmicky. And why is it so short ? Why are so many jackets so damn short ? Tragic.
STEPHAN SCHNEIDERBrick red and mustard yellow small checks stole/scarf100% woolNever worn$115 > 90 shipped EU/US [[SPOILER]]
How's the length on their jackets btw ? The Marshalsea is tempting but at 6'3 I worry it might be a bit short
the rascal. Dries uses them a lot too for the heavy wool outerwear and stuff
Schneidar, wool lined I think [[SPOILER]]
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