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Is it really a puff piece ? Haven't read that one so I don't know how hagiographic it gets but their designer profiles in the past have been pretty ok.
Is that leather ? Sorta looks like RO old neoblister stuff
you just need a higher rise. or you can bring back the yohjis
but what does it do ?
Cmon, the crap stuff is what they want to sell more of, not the prestige collab stuff used to boost the brand's profile.
yeah is it anything like this one with snap/fake buttons ?
A pair of ratty sheepskin flight pants. In full possession of my faculties.
Stretching the horizons a bit, the Jil Sander S/S 1996 physical lookbook is a favorite
Sure but then you're left with a pretty flimsy generic black/white fishtail, no ?
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