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vid source: Diane Pernet
Didn't AnnD (SS12 ? or smthg) use massive amount of velvet-ish shit ? That collection looked like HA lite but the pajamas volumes made it work, somewhat. It's always tight pants with Ackermann though, to much lament, all the more tragic when you see his recent womenswear collections. And I feel like velvet is maybe the shittiest fabric you could work with, almost always ends up looking like crap and cheap and not that pleasing to wear. The only velvet stuff I can recall...
Raf Simons is always the future
>>> LEMAIRE FW2015
Low key Lemaire minus Christophe, looks very classic but everything is still there. Always wondered what he'd do with a Hermès menswear collection and I feel this is probably a pretty close approximation.
hackermann = pitti
I don't know...
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