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BLESS Triangle Bag Scarf, questionable practicality speaking of Bless, a new iteration of an old friend
Anyway, Po├ęsie Noire sounds all over the place (don't really know the stuff) so here's some broadly period-correct cold/synthwavy stuff I know of, maybe there's something in there that can scratch the itch. Twilight Ritual A Blaze Colour Snowy Red Bene Gesserit Polyphonic Size this is taking forever so more synthpoppy : Linear Movement / Autumn more post punk acoustic : The Names, Isolation Ward, Red Zebra more relaxing : Prothese /...
Serves you right for not using a MiniDisc
pattern directly reminded me of the b&w chevron stuff from fw2009 but they actually look nothing alike up close. still possibly from fw2009 if this is any indication
I've traded with all the Amazons of this world and they all speak the same tongue
damn, i have stacks of those (not frozen waves though, rare)
Hell yes, The Caretaker is great. Have yet to manage a thorough listen of the new stuff, very curious about how far he can take the whole thing.
did you pay for them ?
3. Bin your belt
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