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Selling this again NUMBER (N)INE Fall/Winter 2008 shearling coat 100% cotton with faux shearling body lining, silk sleeves lining, wool hidden cuffs Made in Japan Worn sparingly, good condition Size 5 (chest width - 22.5in / shoulders width - 19.1in / sleeve length - 26in / back length - 30in) Fits smaller due to thickness $460 shipped EU/US
Excalibur is awesome. I think. I don't remember anything specific about it (but that psycho kid in golden armor laughing) but iirc it had a particular weird (and quite fitting) atmosphere that you don't find in other movies on the subject. Barry Lyndon for sure, and a key influence on The Duellists. Not on the same level but Mann's The Last of the Mohicans also has that painterly quality. But if we're only talking about truly incredible cinematography, insane set...
It's more painterly than stage-like so maybe not exactly what you're looking for but I think you need to watch The Duellists
hitops look diy
where are the good black/black shearlings at ? (in 50/52) Im gonna be freezing soon.
No she's always been a glorified knockoff artist.
price drop
price drop
Price drop
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