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Seconding the need for Fuumaflares
here's an obscure gem of psych garage
Thx guys. Read about the screen thing, am pretty careless with my phone so this could be problematic. Tbh my needs are pretty basic, I can deal with a potato camera too, size is def a priority.
Great, thanks. Seems like those are pretty much the only decent options available.
That Panabrite track is pretty sweet, was coincidentally just listening to the Pavilion album on ytb
Kinda random but does anyone have reccs for a non iphone non junk 4" screen smartphone ? Does such a thing exist in 2016 ?
Do I spot sleeveless coveralls ?
Speaking of coatings, the resin coated wool from Yang Li a was cool. Anybody picked it up for dirt cheap on lncc (rip) ?
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