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The Revenant was goddamn underwhelming and contrived. Feels like it kinda blew its wad in the first half hour with the intro and the bear sequence (crazy) and then it's platauing up to the end, for two hours... Shame because the cinematography is often freaking breathtaking and I gotta say it does an awesome job at making the freezing conditions almost palpable to the audience. Would've liked a pure contemplative survival or a balls to the wall revenge flick but this...
Rick Owens
20 years ago! How's the musette coming along ?
yeah it's more the contrasting natural leather sole/heel
More Helmut on grilled Helmut Lang SS1998 Helmut Lang SS1998
Sounds pretty good to me so far, I don't mind the Scott Walker influence and it even makes me think of Station to Station a tiny bit.Anyway...Thin White Duke to early 80s Bowie style was everything
nothing weird about lugs. never liked the stacked leather look though.
jan jan van essche
@Synthese if you can't find anything closer, looks like acrnm.com still has them. (UPS shipping though, best to have them delivered to your suite at the George V)
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