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What's the Japanese Carhartt ?
But how will people know that I'm wearing a TB shirt if they don't see the tag+ribbon ? [[SPOILER]]
Get a vintage Armani coat from ebay instead.
That reminds me, I still need to scan/post that Dries book at some point.
Lots of workwear / traditionally manufactured clothing are very easily paired with yohji/comme/rick/... too. Best of both worlds. Just a matter of picking the right textures, colors and volumes.
I think it's originally from Vestoj, interesting magazine. There's also a great Nigel Cabourn interview published in the same issue (On Slowness)
The Schneider boutique is practically next door to the Dries store (be warned, it's small) and so is the ModeMuseum (still worth a visit even without the Dries show I'd say). Shouldn't take you more than 2-3 hours all in all. The JanJan store (also small) is a bit out of the way but close to the railway station so it's pretty convenient.
@DLester this looks more natural on you than your usual stuff
The Antwerp store is nice but probably not worth the trip down alone unless you're some kind of Dries fanatic. That said there's plenty of other stuff to see in Antwerp and it's mostly situated in the same part of the city, definitely doable in a day.
nah I don't mind
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