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idk, feels like the retail landscape/mindscape has sorta changed since those earlier successful b&m eshop ventures. if it's impossible to make it as an emergent b&m today, maybe physically setting up shop in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Prada Marfa-style will turn out to be a sensible way to generate buzz for your online presence. end times.
that guy !
It's alright but nothing mind blowing, shearling is acrylic
tresbien vs toto
Though it's cut more like a regular dress shirt from what I remember, rather looser and longer, to be tucked in.
@the shahWell I remember a conversation I had about it with a Russian friend and him wondering bemusedly what a non-Russian audience could possibly get out of the film. There's a lot to miss if your knowledge or Russian history and culture is shaky. But anyway, I consider myself fairly ignorant on both and still managed to find things to sink my teeth into beyond the technical virtuosity of it all, which sadly seems to be the focus of most reviews and discussions on the...
That website is kinda weird given the pedigree, bit of a tacky knockoff handbags webstore meets craft fair vibe.
Have a German milsurp pair made by Hanwag, must be at least 20-30yrs old judging by the design and they basically look like new. Absolutely bombproof. Does Vass still make stuff like those cordovan shit-kickers posted a while back ?
woa thecorner is no more ?!
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