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always enjoy seeing that guy popping up on streetstyle blogs during pfw
hat vibes SS1987
The hoodie is fine, the pant is the main problem
What's a grail ? A sales pitch.
Those were the worst years. The Jil collections were good but the namesake label suffered from the creeping minimalist contamination and eventually evolved towards aseptic blandness. He understandably became (more) aware of commercial viability and wearability when he started at Jil, that the pragmatic reality of his job was to design clothes (as opposed to moods/atmopheres etc which is own label had always been reliant on), says so himself.edit:
vid source: Diane Pernet
Didn't AnnD (SS12 ? or smthg) use massive amount of velvet-ish shit ? That collection looked like HA lite but the pajamas volumes made it work, somewhat. It's always tight pants with Ackermann though, to much lament, all the more tragic when you see his recent womenswear collections. And I feel like velvet is maybe the shittiest fabric you could work with, almost always ends up looking like crap and cheap and not that pleasing to wear. The only velvet stuff I can recall...
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