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this is some 94 world cup shit
Also I think this might be the mid rise model, I know there's a high rise version for full effect (not sure Lafont makes it but I know Laboureur does). Found some fit pics but they're all pretty dorky and time traveling is more fun anyway
Lanvin definitely had some recently, probably about as slim as Raf though
And the booing thing at film festivals feels so fucking crass, I understand that kind of visceral reaction when a movie really gets under your skin but it often seems totally gratuitous and plain mean. Can't imagine someone whose work is so personal and sometimes painfully autobiographical taking it well.I have les Rendez-vous d'Anna somewhere so think I'll give it a watch later, will probably doze off half way through but that's ok.
Is the new Balde Runner still happening ? (Denis Villeneuve!) [[SPOILER]]
Any reccs for flares ? I have this old Raf pair that's too slim, can't find any Branquinho etc, I'm sure we're about to be flooded with them but I haven't really looked into it yet.Now raver-fat I'm familiar with
Think I'll grab a pair of those and a pair of half balloon LargeotsWill report back
Ghesquiere era Balenciaga had stupidly tight arms on most pieces I came across, long time ago though.
Well, fuck. RIP Chantal Akerman
The more sedate Tyroler designs might just work. For now I'm searching for "Walkjacke" or "Walkwolle [x]" instead, gets you more regular looking stuff. Also heard good things about the brand Mufflon but it's more on the activewear side.Thanks. I think I'm going to order a pair soon, need to decide on the details.
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