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Right, but for the amount of work to pay off ratio with those markups, I guess it's a matter of calculated risk. With some extra funds as cushion he can deal with the delays, only gets problematic if he has to refund a large number of transactions at once and the Grailed cut fucks him over.
1. Sell item on grailed 2. Buy item on yoox with a fraction of the amount he just received (make up an excuse and refund if unavailable) 3. Take delivery and forward package It's a good plan
that guy has 400+ items for sale, 90% stock pics. respect but the selection doesn't make sense ? why pick some random yoox brands stuff nobody even knows about
yeah, the Marni one is super soft and not itchy at all but fuck are they annoying to work into an outfit. can't wear anything unlined or cotton lined over it, can't wear dark trousers, can't wear shit, can't sit anywhere your new best friend
Marni wmnswear orbits somewhere in the periphery of the Prada/Céline cluster in my mind, quirky chic or whatever. Menswear is sorta nondescript but a lifetime ago I remember obsessing about this stupid paneled sweater below from their FW09 collection and I was so mad I slept on it during thecorner.com sales (rip) I spent weeks maniacally scrolling through endless pages of yooxitems hoping it'd eventually show up on the other side of the pipeline and thank god it never...
HERMÈS SS2000 (Marty Marg) - Big bucks belt bags literally saddle bags
tiny zipper pull
Looks to be the same general idea as livery buttons, yeah. I have some jackets and cardigans with leather wrapped buttons that have those same small rings but iirc there's a thread going through that ring that secures the button to the garment. Posted some pics to clarify
Also, Branquinho means business, certainly among the heaviest most bombproof fashion-brand-coats I've had the occasion to handle. They also have cool details like metal ring-secured buttons (instead of sewn on) which if I recall correctly were usually found on military uniforms and the likes. Or maybe it was commonplace in old garments and I'm just ignorant, I'm sure there's a name for them (anyone ? @dieworkwear ?) @Parker does your coat have those too ? edit:...
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