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Doesn't seem like a good fit at all. A greatcoat is not exactly versatile, veer too far off from traditional outfits/silhouettes and you end up somewhere on the Balmain to milsurp-costume spectrum of garbage outfits. Can't see it pairing well with Henders at all. The Borremans Automat women's coat shits on all the parkas, get that one.
Thin soles creepers are a travesty, like those awful RO boots. Docs and the likes are a natural fit with all that Margaret Howell & co. stuff anyway, for something sturdier I'd maybe look at things like Paraboot etc (though the models I have in mind tend to favor a split toe design which I'll admit is an acquired taste).
I confess I sometimes do that for no apparent reason. I try to convince myself it's a way of letting fate decide when I'm not sure if I really want the thing but deep down I know it's just the lizard brain at work. Making great deals, winning, you know the score...
edit : eh, @the shah covered it [[SPOILER]]
Did you ever find your perfect Raf derby alternative or are those AnnD meant to fill the void ?
All you guys have the luxury of a vast domestic market and the luxury of choosing not to ship international if you don't feel like it, check your privilege.
best baudelairetronic
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