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Branquinho is almost a default choice but Gucci, Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford have all been on and off the flare train since the 2000s so it might be worth keeping an eye out for those too. Straight/wide leg trousers with a long enough inseam can do a pretty good job at approximating flares too, might be an alternative if you can find anything else though it's a bit trial and error.
proxied one for a sfer recently, had forgotten how nice and huge they are (;  ̄◡ ̄)
maybe the rakuten
guy is definitely not helping himself to a sale but insole length is all that matters, no ?
someone's also selling the navy jacket with that same pattern quilted in, looks pretty nice
They look better in white/gray https://cdnb.lystit.com/photos/58c9-2015/03/27/guidi-gray-full-grain-leather-penny-loafers-product-5-082190144-normal.jpeg I like them I don't care, I'd wear those
Liking the Skee Mask album a lot. Huerco S. previous is great too
Very comfy though
Is that Marg jacket from recent collections or ancient stuff ? I had something similar in navy circa 2011 I think, from ebay so it was already a couple seasons old at the time. Can confirm the smallfittingness
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