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I want crepe shoes, just a big piece of spongy crepe molded around my foot. With a lug sole.
topy them ? or maybe a ripple sole
terrible, get some george cox or something
We'll always have wool outerwear best outerwear
I never wear tees, don't care for lace-up boots, cotton is for pants and outerwear only* etc, bizarro is the default setting*and polos
green cords are a must
Yea avoiding the classic brown leather ones is half the battle I think. Avoiding skin tight and/or cropped/cuffed trousers/jeans helps too. I've been meaning to try working loafers into relaxed outfits, subverting the douchy connotations etc, I think it can definitely work. Idk, I think most loafers outfits suck but loafers are alright, they're glorified vans slipons.I already have demi-chasses (eww) so I'm probably getting a pair of 180 at some pointPolos are great
The trompe l'oeil stuff is on yoox for anyone interested I like this one, problem is it looks kinda dumb and doesn't really work if you don't have the interior to match
that sole annoys me
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