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It's true that the non-fashion stuff is more straightforward and duller but to me it just means it's up to the wearer to bring that element of experimentation to the outfit with pairings, volumes, fabrics etc. I find it way more entertaining these days, pretty burnt on fashion brands tbh.
and here I thought you were living the post-fashun dream
Well if it's sweatpants-like stuffed pockets are a pain anyway
I understand the low set breast pocket is intentional but not sure it's working
Also pockets placement seems suboptimal and it's the damn front seams again
Idk man, using "interesting" as a buying criteria never ended well for me. And unless you're absolutely enthralled with the design, isn't "interesting" just another word for gimmicky, and gimmicks are fun for like 5min and annoying for life.
what kind of outerwear do you already have and what kind do you need ?
something really annoying going on with those and I can't pinpoint what it issole too thin maybe ?
yeah Japan prices are jacked up to begin with but 400cad for used ones is madness
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