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i've actually moved some small pieces of furniture with that thing on my back, wasn't the most comfortable thing to do on a bike but the bag managed. bit too big and unwieldy for regular day to day use though.
hope you're not insinuating i own a macbook air
Can confirm that Mission bags are bombproof (1st gen Vandal still going strong)
Some of the buttoned jackets are alright tbh, as long as there's no embroidery and stuff. Haferlschuhe kinda weird me out, I remember someone here had Vass-made pair a while ago.(Did you get those Lafont trousers ?)
I think my first exposure to Derrick was in the early 90s, I only had access to a tv set sporadically so I was too busy lapping it up to really notice the slowness. What I remember is that it was pretty grim stuff compared to other tv programs I knew at the time. I've caught some reruns since and the glacial pace is definitely there (I remember an old Groland spoof 'Inspector Munich' where the whole episode is basically Derrick dialing a number on a rotary dial phone at a...
Yeah I'm not ready to go full Tyrol yet. Branquinho menswear is always vaguely associated with the geographic Mitteleuropea in my mind, probably among other things because of some old Mumma fits and seeing too much 70s Derrick tv reruns as a kid.
yea was too lazy to find the utube link
Posting like a true MCer
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