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Looking for a knee length ventile single breasted thingy. Only thing I can find is that Private White stuff that comes either overdesigned or in that garbage mid-thigh length. MHowell had one a while ago but the current model is rubberized cotton which sucks Any reccs ?
thought the lego 90s hiking vibe was the whole point, old ACG etc
The Witch of Endor Raising the Spirit of Samuel (1783), pen and watercolour on paper, 283 x 423 mm NY Public library collection
Yeah it's probably more hassle than it's worth tbh, especially if you have your size dialed in for the Dinks
How much are they ? It's a classic budapester shape with the short and high toe box, most Hungarian/Austrian/German shoemakers will have a similar design in their lineup, sizing might be an issue though.
On gats ? Sure they do, nothing wrong w/ it
I think maybe non-suede green ones if they exist but purple is interesting
The period setting and source material sorta make Stillman's usual quirkiness less immediately apparent but if you liked it I'd say there's a chance you might enjoy his previous stuff. I think the precise and mannered dialogues which are the lifeblood of his films are also the biggest roadblock for most people, though imo Stillman has a knack for making verbosity sound almost as natural coming out of the mouths of aspiring yuppies as of those of 18th century British...
looks tasty.how'd you size yours ? been thinking about picking up a pairC'est génialI can relate, not sure how I feel about that
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