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To clarify, the second part of my post wasn't addressed to anyone in particular. I'm just ranting I guess against this sort of thread that I don't think is particularly helpful to anyone in the long run. It does a disservice to the one asking for advice by robbing him of an opportunity to ask himself what it is exactly that makes the item interesting or desirable or relatable to (so a great opportunity to learn something of value) and it does a disservice to the one...
I don't think ppl care enough about Theory to hate it, it's just another bland label in a sea of mid-tier dullness. The confusion between Theory's Helmut Lang and Helmut Lang's Helmut Lang can be mildly annoying.
I like my brutalists building to fill me with dread and/or melancholy. It's certainly less depressing than most of the pomo stuff.
The plimsolls are fine, fine. But please don't buy them because Dries Van Noten is stamped on the insole, or because they're 150 down from 520.- - -To hell with this thread though, who am I to decide what you should or shouldn't buy ? Were it up to me, 100% of the stuff posted here would fall in the "shouldn't " category, if you need to ask for other people's opinions to validate your purchase chances are you're going about it the wrong way (inquiries about an item's...
Polo hate is dumb
RAF SIMONS FW2002 tneck Made in Belgium Small Never worn $235 shipped EU/US
Please let this Yohji bump end the watches derail
never taper
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