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Unless your winters a particularly mild tropical wool won't keep you toasty.
So, the actual tagged sizes for the Raf camo sweater are 48 (1), 50 (3) and 52 (1). The three sz.50 have different measurements. They all run super small. sz.48 chest width - 16.6" shoulders width - 14.2" sleeve length - 25" body length - 23.6" sz.50 (1) chest width - 17.3" shoulders width - 15.4" sleeve length - 25.6" body length - 23.6" sz.50 (2) chest width - 17.1" shoulders width - 14.4" sleeve length - 26" body length - 24" sz.50 (3) chest width -...
Canvas coat = Light wool jacket = Slate wool jacket/Green cotton jacket = Varsity =
The official name has always been geobaskets, dunks is just a nickname that became irrelevant when the swoosh had to be dropped.
why is every other news about this trying to sell it as a helmut lang collab, isn't the label enough of a travesty as it is ?
I wouldn't mind something like that moleskin coat either (could never find one in my size ironically). The wool coats I posted are slightly differentmoleskinwool
c. 2006-2007 long coats, if you can make it happen I'm definitely on board.
Yeah I liked furever a lot but fake fur lined stuff not so muchhave it for sale in sz4 if you're looking to buy
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