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price drops
price drops
edit: damn Ken P already posted it, out of the loop BROWN by 2-Tacs 'Seed It' vest wool, cotton, linen, corduroy,...
yet another moronic capsule collectionYeah, that's why all the fuss about Blazy was dumb. The Galliano thing sounds like bs but who knows these days, maybe there's $$$ to be made in an official haute couture line. I mean, they already have MMM Artisanal which is pretty much hc for all intents and purposes.
Prices dropped, measurements added
can't shortchange yourself on a good set of cans
Unless your winters a particularly mild tropical wool won't keep you toasty.
So, the actual tagged sizes for the Raf camo sweater are 48 (1), 50 (3) and 52 (1). The three sz.50 have different measurements. They all run super small. sz.48 chest width - 16.6" shoulders width - 14.2" sleeve length - 25" body length - 23.6" sz.50 (1) chest width - 17.3" shoulders width - 15.4" sleeve length - 25.6" body length - 23.6" sz.50 (2) chest width - 17.1" shoulders width - 14.4" sleeve length - 26" body length - 24" sz.50 (3) chest width -...
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