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A Town Called Panic is great. Can't help but feel that a big chunk of the comedic effect is sadly lost on a non-French speaking audience that won't enjoy the hilarious thick Walloon accent of the characters. Glad to know it still works despite that.
Those might be pants actually Your next stop should be http://www.styleforum.net/t/280641/yohji-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-looser-fit-yohji-yamamoto-thread down down the rabbit hole
When you buy pockets you buy possibilities and isn't that what life is all about. Right.
sorta looks like this lanvin http://www.ln-cc.com/fr/northamerica/lanvin/lanvin-mens-fishnet-stitch-long-sleeved-sweater/invt/lan0114067blu
Probably not that helpful to OP but some references... Comme des Garcons FW1998 Comme des Garcons FW1999 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme FW1999 Dries Van Noten SS2000 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme SS2004 Dries Van Noten SS2005 Comme des Garcons FW2008 Comme des Garcons SS2009 Comme des Garcons FW2009 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme FW2009 Raf Simons FW2010 Comme des Garcons SS2011 Comme des Garcons...
No idea
short are to be black, oversized and made of wool or linen or with many cargo pockets and intricate zipper setups
I think this needs a longer tshirt or shirt and pants/shoes are no good
Yea what do you guys think about The Fountain ? Haven't seen Noah but I've heard mostly positive things about it, I know The Fountain is pretty divisive too so I'm curious.Homeland is just terrible terrible stuff. Ok first season but it's all downhill from there. Walking Dead is.... whatever, has some good bits but they're totally lost amidst all the stupid writing and dreadful pacing. And House of Card is just trash with cartoonish character development and zero stakes....
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