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I have absolutely no idea what that means Here's a link to their product page for the trees:
Go to the shop you got the RM Williams boots from and order in some RM Williams shoes trees if they don't have any in stock. They run about $50-60 a pair if I remember right. I'm not sure of the quality but they're cedar.
At the moment I use Body Shop products (non-scented) but I've been itching to try some of the stuff listed here: Has anyone tried some of these products? Thoughts?
No cargos. Sorry. I just don't do cargos I suppose this is pretty irrelevant without posting a snapshot of my actual 'to buy' list: Quote: Shirts T-Shirts:\t\twhite, black, heather grey, blue, red, white, off-whites Polo Shirts:\t\twhite, black, blue, red, brown (ralph lauren purple label) Oxfords:\t\twhite, pink Dress Shirts:\twhite, blue, stripes (inc. pinstripes), french cuff (herringbone, ralph lauren purple label, zegna) Pants ...
Oooooh! Nice!
Forgive me if the title doesn't make much sense, the meds I'm taking have rendered my brain somewhat inoperable. For the last few months I've been building and, slowly, refining a clothing 'to buy' list. Stumbling upon this forum a few weeks ago has *greatly* helped in the refining process. While going through my list again just now (further culling) I realised that the majority of the list (apart from shoes) are very definitely casual-dress oriented. I have no...
I see I'm going to have to hire some movies when I'm feeling up to going out again.
In a similar vein to the 'Best dressed list' thread, what movies have you seen that present a decent sense of fashion? This can be a blazers and suits type of thing or, despite the forum this is in, decent streetwear. My two submissions are: 1. Oceans Eleven (the remake with George Clooney, and mainly because of George Clooney) - I think Clooney looks absolutely amazing in the grey tones he wears. Pitt looks decent too, but I'd never personally wear the type of clothing...
Quote: Some of the newer members may have missed it. Thanks! and bookmarked. ...and due to me forgetting that I was searching for something, I also have resurrected this thread! Go me
Quote: Originally Posted by hrvatsko anyone a fan of these? i'd buy them tomorrow if they didn't have the gigantic cross on the side. i'm tempted to buy them and try to remove it. What shoes are those? They're really nice. Pity about the cross.
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