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The Smiths - How Soon is Now?
I always found her to be a horrible customer service person.
I can't wait to see GSP tear through this loud-mouth.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 You don't have a lease? I'm no law-stylist, but why shouldn't the new landlord be allowed to raise it as much as he or she wants with no existing agreement in place? Also, who doesn't have a lease? Well, I never said they shouldn't be allowed to - in fact I do not belive in rent control/regulation in principle. I was just wondering (for my own protection/self-interest) if there were any laws in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Orsini Where are you in California? Some rents in the beach areas here have recently gone up over 50%... This makes it tougher to play the boulevardier... Monrovia.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevejobs unless you live in a rent controlled apartment, the landlord can raise it as high as he wants. You're only choice is to pay or leave. Thanks...Do they need to give a certain amount of notice, like 30 days for example?
My wife and I rent but we do not have a lease. The owner is selling the place and word has it that the new owner plans to raise the rent by almost 30% immediately. The current rent is a bit below the local average but that's a big jump for us. Are there any limits or restrictions on rent increases? I'm in California if that matters. Thanks to anyone who has any info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've noticed that my neighbors have left their two dogs in the back yard for the past 2 hours. They're both whining at the door and clearly want to go inside and/or play with their owners. The backyard is pretty huge but the poor guys just wanna get out and have a good time. Should I report them to the local humane society? N.B. I've never seen these dogs being walked in the neighborhood or our adjacent...
Me Want Food!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster While I agree that Kobe should have an MVP... this is the guy who was pulling like a dog at his leash to get back on the floor when blood was streaming down his face, who played through a broken tooth, etc etc. I don't think "pussy with no heart" really applies here. Overrated? We can debate that one. I agree - Steve Nash showed great heart that day.
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