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Here I present a megathread of Ralph Lauren Black Label corduroy pants for your consideration. In total there are five pairs available - 2 x size 30", 1 x size 32", and 2 x size 40" (you don't see many items for sale on the forum for the larger guys!).For sale I have 5 NWT pairs of Ralph Lauren Black Label "Nigel" cut flat front corduroy pants in three staple colours - navy, dark green and black. RL Black Label dress pants are quite rare on the forum - certainly they're...
That's if you can purchase the shoes without VAT. If you live in the UK there is no way to avoid this tax I'm afraid. At full retail of £780 (that was the last price I paid anyway), the figure of £415 is still a significant reduction, assuming you are prepared to accept a minor cosmetic flaw.
Yeah I agree with you, although John Lobb factory prices are even higher.The overall picture is clouded by a couple of factors:1) There are bi-annual sales where the prices at the factory are reduced for one day.2) Some seconds sell for a lower price where the flaw is considered more serious.However £415 was definitely the advertised price the last time I was there. I also thought it was quite an increase from the past pricing level.
Pair #4 - Charcoal 32" - SOLD Pair #7 - Brown 32" - SOLD Just the three pairs of 30" waist remaining.
Price drop
Price drop
Fixed some broken image links
EG factory shoes are £415 now (for the "good" rejects anyway).
Pair #5 - Charcoal 34" - SOLD
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