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Here we have a simply delicious LP sportcoat - rarely seen in B&S - in a typically luxurious Loro Piana cashmere. I bought two LP SCs recently, but have since realised that I already own a Cucinelli SC that's pretty similar to this one, so I'll reluctantly let this go to fund another purchase. This is the Giacca Cordoba model, a 3-roll-2 unlined and unstructured coat with patch pockets and patch breast pocket. The cashmere has a wonderful hand and consists of a brown,...
For sale I have a NWT Ralph Lauren Black Label single breasted notch lapel suit, tagged a 44R Drop 7. The fabric is a solid charcoal grey in 100% wool, as staple as it gets really. Three season weight with a nice lapel roll. Made in Italy by Caruso, this suit has all the styling details we've come to expect from RLBL - pick stitching on the lapel edges, pocket edges and zip front. Pants are flat front with side tab adjusters and relatively slim fitting. Includes pouch...
The last RLBL suit I sold on B&S went in less than 24 hours at my asking price. It's going to depend on whether you're selling a staple suit in a solid colour such as navy or grey, or something less popular, for example single breasted peak lapel.ThisA couple of years ago perhaps? The amazing deals of 2008/2009 aren't available anymore in my experience. RLBL at outlet costs much more than $400 these days, then there's PayPal fees and shipping on top.
I've never seen them in London. As you know, most of the high-end shoes found here are sold by stores operated by the originating shoemaker. Harrods is the best example of a department store which carries multiple brands. On the last occasion I was there I noted that they are selling Alden, Lobb and Berluti.
+1 - RLPL shirts aren't that slim fitting in my experience. Perhaps they pinned the shirt behind his back just for the photo shoot?
What do you mean specifically when you refer to the Cucinelli "look"? Besom ticket pockets perhaps Warrengardner seems to be the go-to guy on B&S for Cucinelli stuff; he often has some nice examples for sale.
This SF member was looking for something similar: http://www.styleforum.net/t/291134/wtb-lightweight-navy-blazer-38s-how-hard-can-this-be. Great price for solid navy
Price drop
For sale I have a NWOT Brioni tie, purchased from Harrods in Knightsbridge during my early SF days, but which I never got around to wearing. No tag but it has never been worn or even had a knot tied in it; perfect condition as it's been stored carefully. Measures 3 5/8" width at the widest point, length is 58". Made in Italy. SOLD
J., those both look like Caruso labels to me. Here's an example of what a Zegna tag looks like:
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