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There's a Saphir cream (who else!?) for use on Nappa leather. I'm rather ashamed to say that I bought some to use on a leather jacket of mine, but have been too lazy/busy to get around to trying it.
I'm undergoing orthodontic treatment at the moment - 9 months in with Damon braces. When I got my quotes the Lingual braces came out at double the cost of Damon - eye wateringly expensive. I didn't even consider it as an option due to this differential. Do you have an overbite too? Have you investigated whether you'll need extractions?
Welcome to SF. Stick around, sounds like you could have some good info to share.Oh, what size are the trees?
How supple would such jackets be? I'm guessing they would need a fair amount of "wearing in". Not sure I'd enjoy wearing something so heavy.
Yeah it is a lightweight style of jacket, designed to be quite fitted. The leather they use does seem to be of good quality though, judging by past experience anyway. I have their "George" jacket from A/W 08 in Nappa Digos and that's going strong.
Recent pickup. Lot 78 "Felix" - Crust Oil leather.
RLPL Classic Melton peacoat in Olive. Made by Caruso, canvassed, wool/cashmere blend, single vent. How skilled does an alterations tailor have to be to shorten sleeves on a coat like this? To my untrained eye it seems like a trickier job than it would be to adjust suit/SC sleeves. Curse my goddamn short arms!
First coat is beautiful. Sold if it wasn't a Long...
RL flagship store on New Bond Street - 40% off retail. They also had the herringbone in grey, but not in my size unfortunately.
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