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Price drop
Just in time for those coldest winter months, for sale I have a simply exquisite wool flannel Oxford carcoat from RLPL. The colour is officially designated as Dark Grey Heather on the tag, but I'd say it's more of a mid-grey - when sunlight hits the surface of the coat it really lightens, as is often the case with quality flannel. Made in Italy from a very soft and luxurious 80% wool/20% nylon blend (that bit of nylon makes the coat much more durable, but without losing...
I've seen the name "Ermenegildo Zegna" embossed on the front buttons of their winter coats, but never on suits from them.
This. The Prestige line has a full bevelled waist, the Classic line is only slightly curved. The waist is also stamped with the JL insignia on Prestige shoes.Can't comment on St. Crepin's as I haven't seen those in person.
Added pictures to illustrate the difference in thickness between this sweater and a standard Pringle Of Scotland sweater, i.e. the type you sometimes see in other listings here. The comparison is with another 100% cashmere Pringle which cost a lot less, but is one size larger.
Sounds like a good Saturday night On the last occasion I happened to be there on a Sunday afternoon - admittedly a couple of years ago now - Lobb, EG and Fosters were all closed. If I have to make the trip it's always on a Saturday. TM Lewin and the like were open for business.
I thought most of the shoemakers on Jermyn Street were closed on a Sunday. Unless this has changed recently?
Here's an example of what I mean.
The smoky grey MOP or white MOP? If the former then I'd say go for it, although it's not CBD in the strictest sense. White MOP with Air Force blue will really stand out, a little too much in my opinion.
Quick reply before I set off for the Lot 78 sample sale Mainline suits and jackets are very nicely constructed, but wouldn't get a lot of love in MC due to some of the styling details. For example the fifth sleeve button being a different colour Not sure why he does that, but I think it's a nice touch. They're too stylised for business wear IMO.
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