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Recent pickup. Lot 78 "Felix" - Crust Oil leather.
RLPL Classic Melton peacoat in Olive. Made by Caruso, canvassed, wool/cashmere blend, single vent. How skilled does an alterations tailor have to be to shorten sleeves on a coat like this? To my untrained eye it seems like a trickier job than it would be to adjust suit/SC sleeves. Curse my goddamn short arms!
First coat is beautiful. Sold if it wasn't a Long...
RL flagship store on New Bond Street - 40% off retail. They also had the herringbone in grey, but not in my size unfortunately.
Couple of pairs of Polo RL winter weight flannel; charcoal basketweave and brown herringbone.
I have a soft spot for an English label called Lot 78; already owning two of their jackets, with a third on order at the moment. They originally started as a leather jacket only label, which should give you some indication of how seriously they take this garment. They have their jackets made close to Venice in, what seems to me anyway, quality leathers. The first jacket I bought is made of Nappa Digos and is very soft and supple. Recently I picked up the Felix jacket...
I think you'd benefit from a better photo of the front of the jacket, one that clearly shows the left lapel and buttoning point. Also thigh, knee and leg opening measurements for the pants. Just trying to help, no hate
So from your comparison photos my conclusion would be that the K is a slightly shorter last, a tad narrower in the toe box and a little wider in the ball of the foot. Would you say this is a fair assessment?
The shoe with the medallion is U-last, correct?
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