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I don't know anything about Santoni lasts or sizing I'm afraid. What about the English makers? Do you have any shoes from JL or C&J?
I'm a 9.5UK on the Lobb 1105 last & 7000 last, and the 43.5 U-last is perfect for me. I made the mistake of going with forum consensus and sized up to a 44 for my first pair - they proved to be too big.
After TTO, is the box going back to Malford?
Price drop
This is exactly what I've been looking for recently - I have a backlog of items which has accumulated since I heard on SF that Thomas retired. What's the pricing like on alterations work under the new proprietors? I'll start with something relatively simple - hemming and cuffing new pants.
Some of the photos in this listing were pretty poor, so I added some new pictures that I took today against a white background. The navy blue colour is better represented in these latest shots.
PM sent - I have some surplus NWT silk knits (E Zegna, BB) which might fit the bill.
I believe that this is true. If you do a search I think Earthdragon started a thread on this a while back.I've never seen them sold anywhere in London under their own label (Santa Andrea?)
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