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Why are you getting so worked up over a pair of J. Crew chinos? If he's truly been working as a tailor for 40 years then it's a fair bet he knows what he's talking about. Take his advice.
Thanks for the PSA Malford, picked up two pairs in 9.5 today! They seemed to be different width, which explains why I bought them both . I didn't try them on, so if one or both don't fit then I can offer them to another forum member at cost.
Sorry, I can't be of much help here. I don't own any EGs or G&Gs, and just one pair of C&J derby boots. In addition I have yet to try the F last from Vass.
I only have personal experience with the U last. There's a mega-thread of Vass discussion here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread. Plenty of pics from different angles to evaluate the last differences yourself.
I think the original comment was rather tongue-in-cheek, I wouldn't take it too seriously. Just sayin'
Interesting first post... I agree that guys with a good physique look better in tailored clothing, in general. But be careful to not be seen to be lecturing those less fortunate than you are. Gym training just doesn't interest some people, and that's their choice. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't try to wear nice clothes.
Should go in the classifieds section my friend
I don't know anything about Santoni lasts or sizing I'm afraid. What about the English makers? Do you have any shoes from JL or C&J?
I'm a 9.5UK on the Lobb 1105 last & 7000 last, and the 43.5 U-last is perfect for me. I made the mistake of going with forum consensus and sized up to a 44 for my first pair - they proved to be too big.
After TTO, is the box going back to Malford?
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