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Great selection. If you were in the EU you would cost me a lot of money!
For sale I have one pair of the Edward Green Nevis boot in beautiful Chestnut Antique Calf. This boot is effectively a hybrid of two quintessential EG models - the Dover and the Galway. It features the same sweeping curves along the side of the boot as can be seen with the Galway pattern, but fundamentally it is a split toe Norveger in the style of the Dover. Note from the pictures how the apron of the Nevis has more of a squared shape than the Dover does. This is by...
I don't know much about their own brand clothes - where they source them from, pricing comparison to the same item not labelled as "Harrods".Their markup on premium labels is well-known; perhaps 10, 15, even 20%, depending on the item. What I often find strange is the availability of the same piece 500 yards down the road at Harvey Nichols, but for 10/15% less.
Are they possibly on the 240 last? I have a pair of the Brooks Brothers tan scotch grain boots that I bought on the forum (remember that chorse123 megathread?). I still have them over 4 years later and they've served me well. The 240 is also a generous wide-fitting last.
Added outsole measurements by request. I think the second measurement slightly exaggerates the width given that a Dainite sole extends further, away from the edge of the uppers, when compared to the equivalent boot on a leather sole. These are definitely a narrow width as I just tried on the left boot; way too tight for me (normal size 10E UK on this last).
I've recently sold one pair of the Galway boot on the forum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/363792/nwb-edward-green-galway-dark-oak-antique-walnut-country-calf-10-5-11e-82-last-dainite-sole. Here I present another pair in a slightly smaller size and a narrow width, the latter being comparatively rare to find in this boot. I'll reproduce some of the previous listing text here as I'm feeling a bit lazy today. Having three pairs of Galways in my own rotation, I have no problem...
Price drop
Added measurements for the 42R suit
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