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All gone - 40R sold
Just wait until you see my upcoming listings of Fall/Winter RL items Some of the best RLPL and RLBL I've ever listed. Unfortunately there aren't any true 38R pieces at this point - perhaps a 38R "Custom Fit", which is really closer to a 36R IMO. Unless it's a duplicate of a piece I already have, I'm more likely to keep 38R "Savile Row" for myself.
40S sold. Just the 40R remaining out of the original four.
Finally invested in a decent 48hr bag - Dunhill "Blaydon" in Tan.More pics [[SPOILER]]
Price drop
^ I would recommend that you edit this post before a moderator spots it. Advertising items you're selling in this manner is frowned upon - add a link in your signature instead.Yes I've tried this, the EG trees really don't fit well within a 606 lasted shoe. The ideal scenario for your Dovers is to source a pair of the 606 lasted trees - no longer in production - which were made for Ralph Lauren EGs. They're hinged trees with the size stamped just below the hinge (when...
Price drop
Cool, the last comparison is pretty useful when it's filmed from an overhead angle like that.
Don't ask why I was searching YouTube for shoe vids
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