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I think it is also described as a storm welt - I have a C&J Coniston with this construction. Supposedly it is harder for water to penetrate into the uppers of the shoe.
They were on Wed - size 12.5/13D though.
Pretty sure this pic is the same make-up, although if I recall correctly the pair at the sale had a double leather sole instead.
Yeah there was a nice Malvern in 10/10.5F on the 202 last.
Didn't look at this size in detail. If you mention your width then that would help to narrow down the search.
If you are a 12.5/13D there are two awesome pairs of Galways available. One is the standard Dark Oak/Walnut Country Calf, while the other is (I think) Chestnut Antique/Tobacco Suede. The latter pair is beautiful and a combo I've never seen before. For the bigger gents out there let me know if you want them proxied. ^ Phil, there was a Dark Oak Westminster in your size. PM me if interested.
Should be able to make it during lunchtime. I'll report back... Also, PM sent EG ^
Sorry I'm keeping the pair I have in a 32" waist Quite surprised these haven't been picked up based upon the price/quality ratio on offer. I sold brightly coloured versions of these exact pants for not much less, and these are a staple colour! So a price drop it is...
Price drop
Price drop
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