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I concur with your preference for the straight edges (and I own the OEII myself). However your post reminded me of a feature often found on Vass with broguing, perhaps only noticeable with the OCD eye of an SF'er who has slightly too much time on his hands. By this I mean inconsistencies in the broguing pattern. [[SPOILER]] It's not a major flaw by any means, but it bothers me more on an formal Oxford style shoe than it would on a rustic Derby.
These are F last?
Price drop
For sale I have two pairs of Ralph Lauren Purple Label "Madison" lightweight wool pants in a staple cream colour. The perfect dress pant for pairing with a sportcoat and/or blazer during the warmer months of the year. One pair is tagged as a 28" waist, the other pair tagged 30" (keeping the 32" waist for myself).Made in Italy in 100% wool - very much a lightweight wool fabric appropriate for Spring/Summer wear, or possibly Fall if you reside in a region with warmer...
Additional 14.5" collar added to replace the sold shirt. These are the last three I have in this style.
Added a 42R
Good timing...At the previous EG pop-up sales I wasn't there early doors so I just walked in. I suspect there will be a queue forming at around 11am tomorrow, judging by the photos posted on Twitter last year. Don't despair though, I still found plenty of pairs in my size even after it had been open for a few hours (including the Galways I proxied to you). They also restock the shelves periodically - I returned two days later and found a Dainite sole Galway that was on...
Just received some information regarding the Pop-Up Sale. Here is the location along with dates and times. The Loading Bay, Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane Wednesday 23rd July— Saturday 26th 12- 8pm Sunday 27th 12-6pm Begg scarves will also be available at the sale. Good luck to those who attend.
36R sold
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