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I haven't read the thread referred to in bold above. Just taking an initial guess, is it the EG recrafting series of posts on Permanent Style? Starting here with part 1 - How Great Things Age Edward Green.If you compare the 5th and 6th photos carefully, it seems to me that the canvas ribbing is damaged during the process of chiselling out the cork filler. I'd expect EG to take greater care not to damage the shoe like this during the recrafting process, especially given...
42R sold
Unique Vass Whiskey Shell Cognac Scotchgrain Boot
Pics of my pick-ups Wells, Chestnut Hatch Grain, MH71 last Arran, Vintage Oak, MH71 last Side view of Arran double leather sole for JubeiSpiegel
I was there around 7:40am and found myself about 15th in the queue. I'd echo the sentiments above about the slightly chaotic nature of the sale, although it was all good natured competitiveness between gentlemen. Dean was a bit annoyed that too many customers were being allowed to enter at once. Finding the correct sizes proved to be rather difficult since they were not strictly ordered like the EG pop-up sale. I picked up a Mayfair double monk specifically to offer as...
How did you determine this may I ask? Is it just the experience of owning many shell shoes and boots from a variety of makers?
Renovateur does indeed remove a little of the finish from any leather, not just museum. This should be apparent when you buff the shoes with a cotton cloth after allowing the Reno to dry; afterwards the cloth will have patches of the leather finish (dye?) at the area where you buffed. You should see the same effect with Saphir Medaille D'Or cream, but much less pronounced (the colour patch on the buffing cloth is faint in comparison).This is why Reno should be used...
Agree with you on the Asquith; possibly the best EG Oxford?Here's a new pair in Dark Oak Antique on the 888 last. I also managed to score a pair of 888 lasted RL trees on the Bay for a steal. Quite a find as they're as rare as rocking horse sh*t. [[SPOILER]]
Excellent initiative, well done. All of my sold items are already closed. As an aside, and I'm sure you've already investigated this point, but isn't there a database flag (Open/Closed) for each listing, thereby enabling some kind of mass update?
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