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Pair #2 - Medium Grey 32" - SOLD
Price drop
Price drop
Unfortunately the factory sale was yesterday only. I saw quite a number of different models in UK 10.5, but not many that I would consider desirable. A few variants of the Chelsea, the ankle boot with two buckle straps (no idea what that's called, I think it's horrid personally). The one Galway in 10.5D width I snagged for myself, sorry Regardless if you want a proxy on the next occasion let me know. We've done a transaction on B&S before so I know you're reliable...
You might have noticed me in the waiting area! I was wearing Dark Oak Galways and a black leather jacket.
Here for the first time I can present a Ralph Lauren bag for sale on the forum. I've had many opportunities to pick-up RL bags of various styles, but honestly I am often underwhelmed by the design and materials used. This particular piece was the first RL bag which really impressed me and hence I can now offer it for sale here. I would consider keeping this but I work in a formal office and a messenger bag is not befitting such an environment. Also I now have the...
38R sold
Great price. Would buy right now if they were 43.5
Jermyn Street
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