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For sale I have an ultra rare NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label sportcoat in size 42R. Without a doubt this is the finest item I have ever listed for sale on B&S! The most staple and in-demand type of sportcoat - solid navy - and made from stunning 100% cashmere twill. The cashmere has a wonderfully lustrous hand and I'm hoping the photos illustrate the substance of the cloth. Made in Italy by St. Andrews. This sportcoat is a "Savile Row" model, the same as most RLPL suits....
Here I present a 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 suit Ralph Lauren Purple Label megathread for your consideration.This is the first occasion that I have a decent size run of RLPL, worthy of the title "megathread". For sale I have four amazing, identical, NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits in sizes 36R/38R/42L/44L. IMO they are the most staple RLPL suits I have listed on the forum since I had a couple of solid greys 4 years ago. These are single breasted notch lapel suits from the RLPL...
All gone - 40R sold
Just wait until you see my upcoming listings of Fall/Winter RL items Some of the best RLPL and RLBL I've ever listed. Unfortunately there aren't any true 38R pieces at this point - perhaps a 38R "Custom Fit", which is really closer to a 36R IMO. Unless it's a duplicate of a piece I already have, I'm more likely to keep 38R "Savile Row" for myself.
40S sold. Just the 40R remaining out of the original four.
Finally invested in a decent 48hr bag - Dunhill "Blaydon" in Tan.More pics [[SPOILER]]
Price drop
^ I would recommend that you edit this post before a moderator spots it. Advertising items you're selling in this manner is frowned upon - add a link in your signature instead.Yes I've tried this, the EG trees really don't fit well within a 606 lasted shoe. The ideal scenario for your Dovers is to source a pair of the 606 lasted trees - no longer in production - which were made for Ralph Lauren EGs. They're hinged trees with the size stamped just below the hinge (when...
Price drop
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