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40S sold. Just the 40R remaining out of the original four.
Finally invested in a decent 48hr bag - Dunhill "Blaydon" in Tan.More pics [[SPOILER]]
Price drop
^ I would recommend that you edit this post before a moderator spots it. Advertising items you're selling in this manner is frowned upon - add a link in your signature instead.Yes I've tried this, the EG trees really don't fit well within a 606 lasted shoe. The ideal scenario for your Dovers is to source a pair of the 606 lasted trees - no longer in production - which were made for Ralph Lauren EGs. They're hinged trees with the size stamped just below the hinge (when...
Price drop
Cool, the last comparison is pretty useful when it's filmed from an overhead angle like that.
Don't ask why I was searching YouTube for shoe vids
Hopefully I don't get into copyright trouble by quoting from the blog post as follows:"Once that is all removed, the cork filling is chiselled out, taking care not to damage the ribbing that runs around the inside (the white serrated canvas you can see at the edge). A little bit of damage to the ribbing, such as the part lifted away on my shoes in the image below this one, can be glued back down or patched with a small length of the stuff."I interpreted that to mean that...
My plan was to follow your line of thinking, but I've been consistently disappointed by the quality control of Vass. The poor finishing of the upper leather, and sometimes just using poor quality leather full stop, has made me think again regarding this maker. The flaws I see on my brand new Vass would be considered as sufficient reasons for the shoes to be rejected if they were EGs (and therefore you could only buy them at the factory store).EG crust leather appears to...
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