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For sale I have four "Keaton" RLPL shirts - 2 -> 1 x 14.5" collar, 1 x 16" collar and 1 x 16.5" collar. Keaton is the style of RLPL shirt with a spread collar, ideal for those people who prefer to tie a larger style knot, e.g. a Half Windsor.Made in Italy from a Luxury 200's two-ply 100% cotton. This better quality fabric explains the higher retail price (when compared to RLPL Keaton in a standard fabric). These shirts have French cuffs and the sleeve features a single...
Price drop
I believe that's Whiskey shell cordovan which they source from Horween.
Price drop
I have rubber toe taps on my Vass and I prefer those to the metal version. They have the advantage that they still wear down through use, although at a slower rate than leather, hence to some degree matching the wear on the midsole.But in the absence of toe taps on the JL, what's the worse that can happen if I wear down to the welt at the toe? I think the welt can be replaced during a recraft without having to replace the insole.
I've never been a fan of Topy, for a number of reasons. The shoe is designed to be worn as it was manufactured, therefore adding another layer to the outsole just seems unnecessary from my perspective. Also I don't know of any cobblers in London who I would trust with the work; not that I've done the legwork to find one.As I've grown the rotation and started to wear Vass, AS and EG in addition to Lobb, I've realised that I don't care about leather soles wearing down,...
There have been a few posts in this thread where it was asked: "How does Museum calf age with wear?". Well perhaps these might be the oldest pair posted thus far. John Lobb Langton in New Gold Museum, 1105 last, 5 years old and have been worn a fair bit, but not yet resoled (even though the sole has worn almost to the welt at the toe). The uppers are still in very good condition with no cracking and much of the original mottled finish intact, although with the odd...
Here I present a 5 suit Ralph Lauren Black Label megathread for your consideration. This was planned to be a 6 suit listing, however I have just sold the 44R version in response to a WTB listing on the forum.For sale I have five amazing, almost identical, NWT RLBL suits in sizes 36R/38R/40R/40S/42R. These are single breasted notch lapel suits from the RLBL "Anthony" cut. The suit pants are also known as "Anthony" in RLBL terms, meaning they are quite slim - see...
Yep, thanks for the advice.
6125 Dark Cognac? If so I have the same makeup, except on a HAF sole (posted a few hundred pages back in the thread).Should have Oxblood shell incoming in a couple of weeks, first try with F last
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