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I have one in black and it is pretty slim. Slimmer than the Officer for sure.
double post
My waist is 33" and hip is 34.5"My A2 is 20" at Mid and 18.5" at waist.I believe it is too tight on the waist for zip up.I think you should be fine with that waist. It might be on the fitted side than relaxed.
Black goat ribbed CWU order placed! Can't wait till winter.
oh hell yeah. Gonna order ribbed collar black goat cwu then.
wait goat skin is OK for Bombers?
Anyone wants cwu with high ribbed collar like A1? Let's make a petition for this one. C'mon!
Delete please.
Question for people who has experienced Bball jacket. Is the jacket light enough for summer night?
Can I have his website?
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