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looking for a snood / tube scarf. any good recs?
quartz movement. nuff said.
WTB Self Edge feather ring.
J.Crew university coat, slim thinsulate, black, size XS Got last winter but only wore a few times. Measurements: s2s: 16.75 p2p: 19.5 sleeve: 25 length (boc): 30.5 Asking $170 $150 $125 shipped CONUS PayPay only, +4% if non-gift Thanks
Sterlingwear Authentic Peacoat, black, 34S Wore a couple times last winter, but too small and been sitting in my closet since. Coat does have 6 buttons. If right side over left, as shown in picture, only 4 buttons show; if left over right, all 6 show. Measurements: s2s: 17 p2p: 19 sleeve: 23.5 length (boc): 29 Asking $110 $95 $90 $85 shipped CONUS PayPal only, +4% if non-gift Thanks
mdr armholes are too small for me. armpits hurt if i wear it for longer than 10 minutes. am i screwed? or is this something a tailor can enlarge?
anyone know where i can get a nato strap in this colorway. looking for something similar to maratac- quality-wise, or meets MoD specs, at least heat welded and not stitched.
i've been looking at the iou chinos. could you post some measurements?
comrade, who's your guy in palo alto?
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