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quick survey says sufu/styleforum sw&d = woman repellent but eason is hot and selective beef is merzbow?
Quote: Originally Posted by snake My ex sort of did, yes. imo she seemed more well put together. I think a better question would be if you and your significant other share a similar aesthetic? My bf and I (gf) have similar aesthetics, and it can get weird. Like not buying certain items because the other person already has it, or getting jealous of acquisitions. When I finally kop (?) some f&b boots, he might lose his shit. I wish he'd...
^dude, why do you like Da Capo so much? Their gelato's a rip off (but the whiskey one is good). Anyone have ideas for brunch places? Target group = 20-30something women.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I saw Jil at Winners one time lmao, in some bizarro size like 42L. But it was only like $400 lol I saw some YSL patent hightops and DH gats and boots at Winners the other day (0).
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisRVA Spring is slowly arriving and stuff is getting posted to the site regularly. We just created a new coupon code SFMARCH for 10% off all of our men's items. No code for women's items?
^yeah, I like the jut neck. I'm afraid size 1 might be too big, and I'll just give it to my boyfriend.
What is the female designer equivalent to something like Julius? I read about how rivets and zippers fail on Balenciaga motos after a few wears. That's for an entry level $3K jacket.
Miranda Kerr, future Mrs Orlando Bloom.
Quote: Originally Posted by dyzfunctioned Anyone know a good place for frames in the Edmonton area...? Would love to try on the Moscot Emile's or Hesh's, but have no way to. Observatory Optical on Whyte carries Moscot.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Fine... geesh... tough crowd (haha). I'll put on the black suede chukka boots (Ferragamo). Edit: Better? rach, the outfit (+boots) is now
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