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How ancient is this Church's label and marking? They're made in Italy loafers.
Quick authenticity check if you pleaseHermes tie [[SPOILER]] Gucci cotton square [[SPOILER]]
My worst pass was when I first started; RLPL tan DB 3 piece. I didn't even try it on and I've been chasing similar ever since. Still haven't seen another RLPL non-tie or 3 piece DB of any origin.
Recent hits (set up is a WIP)Burberry jacket [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit [[SPOILER]] USA made Polo suit [[SPOILER]] Borrelli flannels [[SPOILER]] Double RL popover [[SPOILER]] Billy Reid shirt [[SPOILER]] Bijan shirt [[SPOILER]]
Here's the stripe. I have to say, if it's a fake it's a damn good one, has all the bells and whistles and cool details, even the numbers match up.
Prada windbreaker, legit? [[SPOILER]]
Can anyone tell me what the PRL blue and red stripe label signifies? I've seen a ton of these lately and I haven't been able find out anything about them. I thought maybe it was for "big" styles but couldn't fine any on eBay with that tag.
I can't imagine anyone faking Oxxford and that particular suit is 30+ years old and damaged.
2 items here if anyone could let me know I'd appreciate it D&G sweater Armani pants, fake or old as shit?
Thanks, Spoo, here's a hopefully better picture of the tag and the stitching in the collar.
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