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Couple of Versace mainline ties, not sure of age, or even how to properly list them, the first one is wild. Hopefully there's some value as it's been dry as the Sinai here lately. .
What would you call this pattern?
A very very old 12kt gold Universal Geneve (anyone have an estimate of age?)
Quick authenticity check
When selling what constitutes something NWOT? I want to list a cashmere Zegna sports coat, it has no signs of wear, the sleeves still had the faux buttonholes and haven't been altered, and the inside pocket had the $1900.00 price in the replacement buttons bag. Could I list this as NWOT or something?
Pin-up, is that a peekaboo tie?
I've been getting a rash of people messaging me asking me to sell an item to them for a low ball amount shipped, like $5 shipped for a tie I had listed at $24.99. One of these people happened to be a seller and I immediately low balled them with the same offer on a $2k Nardin watch they had up.
I have a Prada cotton suit with a very, very similar sleeve. I like it, it's a different thing, and seeing as it's a light tan near tonal stripe casual suit it works out fine. I'm not positive it'd be good on a more formal or business suit but it probably would be.
New Posts  All Forums: