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Pin-up, is that a peekaboo tie?
I've been getting a rash of people messaging me asking me to sell an item to them for a low ball amount shipped, like $5 shipped for a tie I had listed at $24.99. One of these people happened to be a seller and I immediately low balled them with the same offer on a $2k Nardin watch they had up.
I have a Prada cotton suit with a very, very similar sleeve. I like it, it's a different thing, and seeing as it's a light tan near tonal stripe casual suit it works out fine. I'm not positive it'd be good on a more formal or business suit but it probably would be.
I should mention that I liked it and it's for me, not to flip, I was just curious who was making high end suits there at that time. The fabric is beautiful, charcoal nailhead with a purple and blue overcheck.
Found a (what feels like) cashmere suit that is canvassed yesterday with no labels except 2 noting it was made in West Germany and had bemberg lining and a bag of buttons in the pocket from a company that closed in '84. My first instinct was Boss but I'm not sure they'd use cashmere, bemberg, or canvass, even back then. Were there any high end suit makers or companies making high end suits in West Germany?
I have a problem. I sold a NWOT Burberry Brit XXL shirt, listed it as slim fit and provided all measurements (17 inch collar, etc.) and I don't take returns. The buyer messaged me saying it's a kids shirt, which is absolutely impossible I wear a US 44 suit and it fit me a bit big, and he wants to return it. I think he has buyer's remorse or didn't read the listing and absolutely do not want to refund him his $94, what do you guys think?
How ancient is this Church's label and marking? They're made in Italy loafers.
Quick authenticity check if you pleaseHermes tie [[SPOILER]] Gucci cotton square [[SPOILER]]
My worst pass was when I first started; RLPL tan DB 3 piece. I didn't even try it on and I've been chasing similar ever since. Still haven't seen another RLPL non-tie or 3 piece DB of any origin.
Recent hits (set up is a WIP)Burberry jacket [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit [[SPOILER]] USA made Polo suit [[SPOILER]] Borrelli flannels [[SPOILER]] Double RL popover [[SPOILER]] Billy Reid shirt [[SPOILER]] Bijan shirt [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: