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Anyone recognize these at all, these are the only labels that are present? They're from a canvassed 3 piece suit that seems very British.
What are the thoughts on the 21 jewel Miyota movement? I recently bought a watch on eBay that has that movement and I'm curious as to what I can expect. Thanks
Are notch lapel double breasted suits coming into style? I've been seeing them more and more often and in ads from Emporio Armani lately. I ask because I have an old English bespoke one I thrifted some months ago and haven't yet worn it due to fearing it would look absurd and horribly outdated. Thanks
I'm not sure if I've ever posted this either here or in the thrift thread but here is my Invicta 14357 I picked up a few months ago. I know Invicta is about as well received around here as Dior Monsieur sometimes but I love it and for the price I paid for it NWT I've got zero complaints.
This is the label from a pair of Balenciaga made in Italy suit pants. The tag from the jacket is missing, can anyone please help me in IDing it? Thanks
The Lanvin isn't a flip, it's for me, I was merely curious as aside from the old brown double L label I'm not sure about Lanvin pieces. I wasn't sure where that label fell in compared to the recent blue on blue label. If it was for a flip I wouldn't have been bothered picking it up since I don't like tying my money up in this stuff or dealing with eBay anymore. But I do agree that label hunting isn't always a wise way of doing this, since my local place for some reason...
Is Lanvin by Canali (I think) the "Good Lanvin"?
X-posted from the thrift thread... Can anyone please ID this tag? It's from a Bergdorf Goodman car coat, Thanks
Can anyone please ID this tag? It's from a Bergdorf Goodman car coat, Thanks
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