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I know the tie (and maybe the suit?) will probably get buried but I like em *shrug*
If he didn't tie them down to his balls he wouldn't need to scotch tape the blades together.
Thank you
Here ya go, the bottom is cut off by the insole. They're pretty small and narrow, I'm a 10-10.5 and I can't even come close to getting my foot in.
I hate that church's makes their labeling so goddamn hard to read. I have no clue here.
Would anyone happen to know who in Italy makes dress shoes for the Giorgio Armani black label line? The retail price seems fairly absurd.
Anyone know what model these are?
I need to complain about this because it's been happening too much with my stuff and this time is really egregious. I listed something for $219.99 BINOBO free shipping and someone offered me $30. What the fuck possesses someone to do that? I mean, what's their end game? Do they actually think I'll say "sure, I'll take 14% of my listed price"? I hate these people so much, they just try to nickel and dime you to death.
This is either the most ancient seven fold tie I've ever seen or one made for children; Battistoni iridescent turquoise 52 inches long, 2.5 inches thick
Can anyone help me out with these 2 suit tags? 1) 2)
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