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Anyone recognize this writing on a pair of shoes?
This is far and away the largest shirt I've ever found; Burberry London 19/37T. I'm 6'0 and it goes past my knees like a night shirt and has a 63 inch chest.
Anyone ever heard of or pick up anything made by British tailor Beno Dorn? I picked up 4 magnificent suits yesterday, 2 being 100% cashmere, but Google doesn't yield much outside of him making for The Beatles.
What the hell is this vertical pocket for? It's on a BR Monogram 3 piece I just got.
No idea how to get sharpie out of leather, I've had success using vinegar to get spots and stains out of the uppers, but WD40 on a paper towel and rubbing will get it out of rubber.
Hickey Freeman Collection sports coats 42R Oxxford sports coats 41R
Polo made in Italy croc loafers my size for $10. Pop.
Pop on Barbour, this thing is fucking awesome and N/A rn.
What is the general opinion on the Rolex jubilee diamond or "computer" dial? I have the opportunity of being gifted a two-tone model with a silver dial as a graduation gift. It lools really interesting and beautiful but on the other hand the dial seems like it could be quite ostentatious and gaudy; the watch equivalent of an obnoxious Polo windbreaker although I haven't seen it in person, perhaps it's more understated on one's wrist.
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