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Neutral in my experience is good for removing other polish colors. If you used too much polish or got it somewhere you didn't want it putting on neutral polish and rubbing it off will get rid of it.
Quick authenticity check on this Versace Versus gray herringbone suit please
Versace Classic V2 shirt I thought was kind of cool, I liked the pattern and texture and it had interesting features (hidden button down and hidden button placket). Not sure if I'll move it or keep it yet. [[SPOILER]]
Burberrys' is just (much) older Burberry.
Would anyone happen to know which species of shark is/was most commonly used for shark skin shoes?
Any thoughts on this Armani shirt? The reason I ask is this
I found this Lilly Pulitzer thing for $1. Is it anything notable and what would I list it as if I decided to sell it? It fits me so if it's nothing special I'll get use out of it as a beach/pool shirt.
Does anyone recognize these? They're from a linen/cotton suit. Jacket Pants
I recently thrifted a gorgeous Zileri-made black chalk/rope stripe DB suit, I have yet to wear it however because I'm concerned it'll make me look like some type of wannabe gangster or mafioso. Any ideas on what to pair with it to avoid those stereotypes?
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