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OK, time to give this another shot... the suit and Jacket #1 are sold, but #2 and #3 are still available! Please PM with any questions.
Indeed, it's getting a bit confusing. At this point, I'll take a total of an additional 15% off the lowest price on the original posting, which by my reckoning works out to $395 for the first jacket, $382 for the second jacket and $403 for the third jacket.
Another price reduction - Take an additional 5% off all jackets.
I was riding the NY subway this weekend when a guy sat down next to me and complimented my prized alligator Luccheses. He said he had a pair of cowboy boots that he stopped wearing years ago and I asked why. "Because people made fun of them," he said. "Nobody makes fun of these boots," I replied, pointing to mine, and we both had a good laugh. I'm from Texas, and it had never occurred to me that cowboy boots might be a challenge for some to "pull off," as it were. I...
Bump - take an additional 5% off the blue jacket.
All, thanks again for the kind comments - I'm not able to edit the original post, but the suit has sold, and the remaining jackets are now offered at an additional 10% off.
Seems there's some kind of glitch that's keeping me from editing my original post, so I'll just offer all these jackets now at an additional 5% off the current marked price.
More price cuts, and a note about the jackets: I've received a few inquiries asking about the wrinkles in the fabric in the pictures as shown. I want to be clear that those pics were taken rather hastily on a crisp spring day, right after the jackets had been brought out of the closet. All of those wrinkles were temporary, totally gone as of a recent inspection - a few humid days in New York were more than sufficient to fix them. I don't want prospective buyers to get the...
Still more price drops across the board. Have I done a poor job on my sales pitch? These garments, excellent as they are, are beginning to feel a bit lonely and misunderstood... Castangia -- the real thing, first-rate - I mean first-rate - work throughout by seasoned hands, the hands of a craftsman, a man proud of his work, his family, beckoning you to peer and paw at every loving detail, all the love that one could demand, reasonably and otherwise, provoking nods of...
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold Is Sartorio Attolini higher grade then regular Attolini? On the contrary - I believe Sartorio has always generally focused on a younger customer, and typically retails in Europe in the $2K to $3K range, whereas a standard Attolini suit would typically go for twice that.
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