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Yes. You should do a lot of reading here. And, don't be in such a hurry to buy.
I don't think the shell cap toe boot is part of Peal's regular lineup. I don't think there is any certainty that the boot will be restocked in the imminent future.
I bought my pair in 2010. The tongue on my pair says "2007." That may have been the first or second year that Thom Browne designed the Black Fleece line. Perhaps Brooks Brothers had high expectations but their expectations were not met and they were stuck with a lot of inventory. I am confident that the retail price was $800 and that I got my pair for 50% off. I had the NY (Madison Ave.) store ship an 11.5D and a 12D to me because I was unsure of the fit. I ended up...
The BB Black Fleece line sold a black shell LWB on Grant last through, I think, 2010. I believe the initial price was $800. I picked them up on sale for $400, but others got them at $340 (an additional 15% off).
Not what but who.http://metro.co.uk/2014/03/23/twins-toss-coin-to-test-old-versus-new-kit-for-gruelling-trek-across-frozen-greenland-4674316/
Just to clear this up, my comment was not serious or sarcasm. It was meant to be humor. Maybe too dry for this crowd.
Too much black.
I know that this is a C&J for RL shell thread but maybe Ron can do the boots.
The link doesn't seem to work. Any other photos?
All prices are delivered in continental U.S. I will consider selling outside CONUS but additional shipping costs apply. Crockett & Jones Snowdon. Size UK11E (228 last). New without box or bags. Chestnut color oak wax hide with commando sole. Veldtschoen (water resistant) construction. My price is $395.
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