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NOS ("new old stock"/deadstock) Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece 3 piece suit. Full canvass construction; jacket partially lined; pants unlined. Size 42 long (drop 5). Dark grey with light grey pinstripes. 3 roll/2 button stance with single rear vent. Made in US of imported heavy three season wool fabric. Note, suit comes with only four sleeve buttons. Unsure when suit was made. No shop wear to suit. Price delivered in CONUS is $450 $425.00. International buyers...
All prices are delivered in continental U.S. I will consider selling outside CONUS but additional shipping costs apply. 1. Allen Edmunds burgundy shell cordovan Bradley (1 last). Size 12D. Worn no more than 20 times. In box with polishing cloth mat and AE cordovan cream. Purchased as irregulars but with no apparent blemishes. My price is $195. 2. Crockett & Jones for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece. Size US12D (325 last). New in slightly damaged box with...
I believe the shoes are by C&J on the 341 last. As far as sizing goes, you are going to have to figure that out on your own. My experience is that the Peal & Co. 11.5UK is marked 12US.
Are these - http://www.dsw.com/shoe/ralph+lauren+collection+garrick+burnished+leather+slip-on?prodId=299746&category=dsw12cat1780036&activeCats=dsw10cat130006,dsw12cat900002,dsw12cat1780036 - the same?
Really. Which store is that?
I received e-mails from TSM with seconds in 11.5D, 11.5E and 12D. The only shell available in all of those sizes are: 1. Ravello shell chukkas (Barrie) size 12D $399.95 2. Whiskey shell NST bluchers (Barrie) size 12D $450.00
There is a pair posted here even cheaper:http://www.styleforum.net/t/366748/vass-budapester-45
Please post more photos.
I don't know if Nordstrom carries Men's Warehouse suits (although I doubt it), but Nordstrom's does carry Joseph Abboud. Joseph Abboud is owned by Men's Warehouse.
Could you post more photos of the suede chukkas? Also, how much wear do they have? Thanks.
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