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Is it still on hold?
Can you please post photos?
Can you please post the measurements? Also, do the pants have pleats or a flat front?
I really like this but I think it is a little bit short for me.
I'm confused. The Armfield comes on the 109 last but Cleav said his shoes were on the 53 last.
What is the model name?
Seller was unable to say whether packaging the shirts come in is original or whether the shirts have ever been worn. So, I guess it's CAVEAT EMPTOR.
I'll ask the seller if they were ever worn.
Lot of two NOS Brooks Brothers light blue OCBD. Size 16.5/34. Made in USA. Needs opening bid of $39.99 plus $12.20 shipping.
NIB Carmina jumper boots. Size UK7.5. Cognac shell. Bidding is at $80.
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