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If you don't mind me asking, how much were they? Which Brooks Brothers store? Thanks.
I take a US11.5D in shoes on Alden Barrie last and a UK11.5E in shoes on C&J 337 and 324 lasts. I wear a UK11E in shoes on C&J 325 last. I wear a 12D in shoes on C&J 236, 341 and 325 lasts. These last three shoes were said to be US sized but I really think they are UK12D.You may want to read this thread:
I wear 11.5D Barrie and UK11.5E 337 (Belgrave).
Yes. I have a pair of the double monks on the 341.
Cleav, what model are those?
Are you referring to the shoes at this link -®-Double-Monk-Strap-Shoes/MH00231,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00231_Color=BRWN&contentpos=9&cgid=0522?I bought those last month. They are on the 341 last and are a much darker brown than in the photos. I am happy with them.By the way, how are you going to get them at 50% off?
Same last?
I have a theory regarding the UK and US sizing of C&J shoes. In the UK, for C&J, "E" is the standard width/fitting. In the US, "D" is the standard width. At first I assumed (and, I think, many people have assumed) that C&J when making shoes under various US labels (RL, BB, Barneys, etc.) would simply remark UK standard width shoes with its corresponding US standard width size; that is, it would remark go up 1 full size and go down 1 width. For example, I assumed that...
What last are they on?
Hey zippy, is the quality of leather the same on the BBBF brown cap toe boots and the blue Conistons?
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