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^Sorry about that^ . Maybe these are better - Trickers brown shell penny loafers. Available in UK sizes 7E and 7.5E (so US 7.5D and 8D). Starting price 125 pounds, and U.S. winning bidder can save VAT (17.5%).
CROCKETT & JONES HANDGRADE WOODSTOCK (BROWN) in UK size 12D - so (I guess) US size 12.5C. BIN £99.99.
Want to buy the brown calf shoe (not suede) shown in this thread in size UK11.5: Tricker's Blowout!! Price drop on Last Pair I have that shoe in size UK11 but it is too tight. Would also be willing to trade the UK11 for the UK11.5.
PM sent.
I might be interested in a pair. How does the fit run?
While at Off 5th at Sawgrass Mills (Ft. Lauderdale) today I saw a pair of Edward Green Canterbury spectators (dark pine/maple) in size 11/11.5 on 82 last for $375 less 20% (or less 25% if you have or sign up for Off 5th "shoppers" card. They also had a number of pairs of the Saks 5th Avenue brand shoes that Angelicboris sold on this forum sometime in 2009.
Slightly off topic, and FWIW, Land's End Canvas has AE McNeil's in brown calf with a leather heel for $325. I've heard that LE e-mails its "subscribers" virtually on a daily basis often offering 25% off and free shipping.
Any idea how the chukkas run in length and width (true to size, etc.)?
Recent buyers from my shoe selling post: Althis JSC4President mdao63 toogies80 epfunk orthofrancis Biggskip davidschlott dga965 All were very prompt with payment and providing mailing directions. All are excellent buyers.
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 I bought these shoes for $700.00 in June of 2009, and finally wore them at my company's sales kickoff meeting in Hong Kong at the Excelsior hotel on January 12, 2010. What took you so long?
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