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Recent buyers from my shoe selling post: Althis JSC4President mdao63 toogies80 epfunk orthofrancis Biggskip davidschlott dga965 All were very prompt with payment and providing mailing directions. All are excellent buyers.
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 I bought these shoes for $700.00 in June of 2009, and finally wore them at my company's sales kickoff meeting in Hong Kong at the Excelsior hotel on January 12, 2010. What took you so long?
Price Drops. Open to offers and trades.
I will comment. What last are the shoes on? You should probably post photos of the soles. I think your price is still too high; its only 25% off. These shoes were on sale for $240 around Christmas time.
What last are they on and how does it compare to the 89 last?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude got my shoes the other day ... amazing job Tom!!! leather soul's 5th anniversary chukka boot in #8 Yes, Tom's 5th anniversary chukkas are really sweet. I like the Leydon last on these very much.
Westons, Florsheim shell longwings and RL Bluchers are sold. Philip - Yes, the Westons were US 11Ds. Pebblegrain - Unfortunately for me, my hits are nothing to write home about, pretty run of the mill stuff. Believe me, I got no joy out of the selling these shoes; just trying to recoup some cash. Guys, thanks for the nice words.
Loake chukkas and Alden Plaza cap toe boot are sold. I will post photos of the Westons and the two NIB Alden bluchers early this evening.
I can help with 16D: Allen Edmonds 16D shell cordovan Leeds and Randolph at Amazon.com for $210. Don't know how they would fit 16EE. However, if I were you I would call the Allen Edmonds shoe bank to see what they have in your size. I bet you they can fit you at good prices.
South Florida is a wasteland.
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