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Where are the shoes made?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy The best movie ever is Once Upon a Time in America. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Chemistry, physics, pharmacy or electrical engineering- there's always a shortage of patent attorneys. I'm an estate attorney in South Florida with an LLM in taxation; BBA undergraduate. I agree with yachtie.
Brooks Brothers is currently having a "buy one, get the 2nd at 50% off" sale in the States; so that works out to 25% off on two pair of shoes. Don't know if they run the same sale in the UK.
Also, half windsor.
Does not do anything for me.
What is the total cost in US dollars (assuming no gratuity )?
Skyvalet, that's great. I don't get up to DC much, but when I do I will make sure to stop in.
These shoes are very nice. I bought a 12 at the Cole Haan store when they were on sale in January, but returned them because they were too tight. So, I concur that they run small. The shoes are made in Italy. The Cole Haan page re: these shoes stated that they are Blake/Rapid construction; so I don't think they are Goodyear welted.
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher Both are 235 shipped: Is it possible that you really mean, EACH are 235 shipped?
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