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Does not do anything for me.
What is the total cost in US dollars (assuming no gratuity )?
Skyvalet, that's great. I don't get up to DC much, but when I do I will make sure to stop in.
These shoes are very nice. I bought a 12 at the Cole Haan store when they were on sale in January, but returned them because they were too tight. So, I concur that they run small. The shoes are made in Italy. The Cole Haan page re: these shoes stated that they are Blake/Rapid construction; so I don't think they are Goodyear welted.
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher Both are 235 shipped: Is it possible that you really mean, EACH are 235 shipped?
Yes, I would like to see photos of the 12s. Would also like to know the measurements of the sole. Thanks.
You can still get the BB Black Fleece black pebble-grain longwings for $550. Give the Black Fleece store on Bleeker a call. And, Alden of Carmel always has calf longwings in stock in a couple of colors.
Thanks for the photos. You identified the shoes correctly but in my mind I was thinking LHS, which I prefer.
What does it matter if they are #8 or cigar if you are still unsure after seeing them in person?
I'd be interested in seeing photos. Also, are these made by Alden? If so, what last?
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