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Thanks for the photos. You identified the shoes correctly but in my mind I was thinking LHS, which I prefer.
What does it matter if they are #8 or cigar if you are still unsure after seeing them in person?
I'd be interested in seeing photos. Also, are these made by Alden? If so, what last?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 That is odd. I doubt they sold 5 pairs of $500 shoes - even Lobbs - in less than a day. The SA is surely wrong. I'm leaving for vacation in Miami on Wednesday so I'll probably make a trip (or two) to Sawgrass next weekend or later. Besides Last Call, Nordstrom Rack and Off-5th, are there other good stores for menswear/shoes to check out? Thanks EL There are also, among others, the following shops: Brooks...
Lawyers don't like to read the "fine print" either.
How do you get from the price from $795 to $332?
Quote: Originally Posted by miamimc Sawgrass. Thanks. This is the first time I score at Last Call. Feels nice that for the first time I found something I liked in my size! Yes, I never see anything exciting or worthwhile in their shoe department. The SA I just spoke with said that most of the shoes on their racks are purchased specifically for sale at the Last Call stores. The Lobbs and the like are transfers from the "regular" NM stores.
I just got off the phone with Darius, a SA in the men's shoe department, at NM Sawgrass. There is one pair of Lobb shoes left - model Philip II in 11.5 in dark oak. Price is $620 less 20%; so somewhere around $500. Darius said that he would put the shoes on hold at the customer service desk for me even though I told him I was not sure that I would be in to purchase the shoes. Perhaps he did this to better ensure that he gets credit for the sale. So, the shoes are...
Thanks for the update. I may take a ride up there this weekend.
Of course the price is great. The problem is that there are probably very few members that wear a 12B. I suspect you would have a bigger audience and greater luck on ebay.
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