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Quote: Originally Posted by mamasboy I can't download the pictures due to the amount of pixels. Don't know how to fix it. send your email address and I will send as an attachment Maybe you can get your mother to help you!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Size 11.5D. They are on the Barrie last, right?
Calf/canvas wingtip spectators by Edward Green for COLE HAAN - Size 10.5D. Starting bid $125. Soles look like shoes were worn one time. Edward Green for Cole Haan - when was this?
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc The BB sale had a boot that looks exactly the same and I will compare them to see if they were the same boot when I am in next. The boot you are referring to is a Peal badged Snowdon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I've just signed up to do a 26 mile walk and I'm thinking of using my Conistons with an extra pair of thick socks. Its either that, a pair of steel toe cap work boots or go out and buy some 'proper' walking boots which I probaby won't have time to break in. The longet I've walked in them before was 6 or 7 miles and they were perfectly comfortable, not sure if any boots will avoid blisters on a really long walk...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I agree. I could have sold five of them already. Make that six.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I'd say year round but it is too heavy for the hotter days of summer. I guess it's a no-go for South Florida then.
I just edited this post because I see that you provided much of the information I was looking for in the initial post. What is the weight of the material?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger This is freaking great! Has to be one of us! I doubt he is - too much black.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Those appear less formal than a oxford captoe, but more formal than a derby. Given that they're black and have a 270 degree welt, I think they're squarely in the category of "conservative business dress." I would wear it with a more casual suit or an odd jacket. Nice shoes, btw. Those are nice shoes in the OP, but I think that they are less formal than a derby/blucher. I would wear them with and without...
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