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A Brooks Brothers rep (Maria in men's shoes) at their 346 Madison Ave. store (212-682-8800) just told me that they still have the Peal version of the Coniston in pebbled grain tan calf and smooth black calf on sale in various sizes for $199. You can see photos of the two versions at this thread. Shipping cost is $9 and taxes are 6%, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius What colors are available on #1? Only one. Tom calls it brown alpine grain, but it looks close to cognac. You can see it here: Leathersoul American Longwing
JM Weston Chelsea Boots Black Size 12 Posting as of 12:25 - Auction ends at approximately 1:10. I was going to bid but a Weston rep at the NY store just said they run about a 1/2 size large and I am tired of buying shoes that don't fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr As to sizing, I have a pair of size 44 Canali's that are very comfortable for my 11.5C feet. I get more compliments on my Canali's than any other shoes I own. Thanks.
Anyone have an idea of what US size these correspond to?
Tony - The 13s are still there for you.
I would love to sell to the Florsheim longwings to you but if you are a 12D they will be a little tight.
But only in two sizes 8.5 and 13. There are other shell boots on sale as well. Franco's Fine Clothiers
This seller needs some help with his listing.
Shoes added and price drops.
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