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Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Update: I read the first chapter of Time and Again; Master & Margarita. I know I should not judge by the first chapter but it seems rather dull. Time and Again's first chapter is rather cliche, A goverment employee seeks out an unsuspecting civilian/former solider to...time travel. I don't disagree. Just keep reading.
Time and Again by Jack Finney Replay by Ken Grimwood
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy This looks like a fraudulent auction. They're not New In Box, as alleged in the condition section of the item specifics. They're recrafted (you can tell by the mark on the sole, and what appears to be heavily sweat stained insoles and creases on the vamp), and the fine print admitting that. I'm surprised that somebody would try to pass that off as new by selecting "Condition: New: In Box" and then burying "Newly...
My local Banana Republic store (Aventura, FL) has limited quantities of black pebble-grain longwings for $75 - regularly $185. Made in India (as, it appears, are most of their shoes.) Style name is "Oto". I tried them on. The shoes seem to run about a 1/2 size large. The shoe does not show on their website, so, if interested, I would call around to the stores.
Peal is BB's own label. They commission other shoemakers to make shoes for them under the Peal label.
How about the Dick Van Dyke Show?
The Sudan.
At this point I don't see how your friend can obtain legal title to the property. If her mother is incapacitated, then any deed executed by her mother is void. However, all is not lost. If your friend seeks to named guardian and is so named I cannot see a court authorizing the gratuitous transfer to your friend; it does not seem to be in her mother's best interest for the transfer to be made. However, if your friend is named guardian she can continue to run the...
The difference between the "z" score and the "t" statistic.
OCI = on campus interviews (?)
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