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For Modified Last fans: I receive e-mails from The Shoe Mart each month with their inventory of Alden seconds in 12D and 11.5D. Today's e-mail showed that The Shoe Mart has three pairs of 12Ds on the Modified Last. They are: Brown scotch grain boot ($289): Black calf NST ($289): Black perforated cap toe blucher ($389). I believe the shoe is in shell:
Quote: Originally Posted by chas Color? Location? The Peerings are black. My sales associate is in South Florida but the shoes are out of state.
My sales associate found a pair of Peerings in 12D (I assume that they are 11.5/12D, not 12/12.5D) and has them on hold for me. I think I am going to pass on them. Send me a PM if you want the SA's name and phone number. The cost is $375. If I don't hear from anyone I will call him to let them go sometime in the early afternoon.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister So a 10.5 could be a bit generous and more to a size 11? I have a very comfortable Alden Plaza 11 BTW. I find that the Plaza last runs true to size. But, if you are interested in the shoes you can call Ron first (888-254-0950) re: the fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Good deal. IIRC they were originally more than $399. I think they were. They were also for sale for $99 a few weeks ago.
Money by Amis is a great, laugh-out-loud book.
Was able to pick up a few pairs of Aldens, all NIB with bags. They are: Plain toe blucher in burnished dark tan calf on Plaza last (2816) in 11.5D Plain toe blucher in black calf on Plaza last (2817) in 11.5D Plain toe blucher in black calf on Leydon last (968) in 11.5D I tried to make the shoes work but they don't; they are all a little too small. Willing to consider trade for 12Ds.
PSA for a Styleforum poster and a good guy. I just picked up a pair of Cortina (Italian made) longwings Ron had listed at ebay. They are on a sleeker, better looking last than my BBBF shell longwings and the shoes are finished very nicely. And, they are very comfortable. To me, the fit is similar to the Alden Plaza last. There are many pairs still listed for sale. Ron Rider shoes at ebay.
Brooks Brothers (Alden) black captoe bluchers 11C - $189 BIN - $10 shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by knowsnothin Where and what is this "shoe bank?" Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank at the Factory 201 East Seven Hills Road Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074 USA 262-284-7158
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