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Foster & Son (by Crockett & Jones) Studley chukka. Size 11.5E. In red suede with brown vibrate sole. New in box with bags and polishing/cleaning mat. On Crockett & Jones 224 last. My price is $300 $280. $260.00 SOLD.
Crockett & Jones Pembroke. Tan scotch grain wingtips. New in box with bags. Size 11.5E (UK). My price is $325. SOLD.
La Botte Chantilly - http://www.la-botte.com/accueil_us.shtml
Why don't you contact Frans Boone? I believe that the brown Coniston is part of their standard stock. If they don't have your size right now they should in the near future.
Frans Boone sells the Coniston in dark brown:http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/crockett-and-jones/products/crockett-and-jones-fransboonestore-coniston-in-brown-grainI see that they are out of many sizes. You may have to wait for a reorder.
NIB Alden #8 shell short wing bluchers. Size 12D on the Aberdeen last. Nine hours to go in auction. No bids so far. Needs opening bid of $350 with $15 shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Shell-Cordovan-Wing-Tip-Blucher-size-12D-Color-8-New-/191520005160?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c977b5c28
From Facebook - Sierra Trading Post has 40% off through midnight (MST) tonight. Enter code "SFB22515".
YOOX indicates that the shoes are labeled 11.5 (UK sizing) and that the US sizing is 12.5. Does Alden ever label their shoes in anything other than US sizes? If not, then the shoes are 11.5 (probably D width, on the Barrie last). Today, they are 25% off. Still a good price for the 990.
This was in response to me saying, "Well, I wonder if C&J when making shoes for US retailers (and knowing that D width is standard in the US) just uses the UK D width and calls it a US size (so, for example the UK9.5D becomes Barneys US9.5D)".I think that, perhaps, C&J does something similar to EG. EG does not distinguish between UK and US widths. If EG makes a shoe in an E fitting (width) it is labelled that irrespective whether it is for the UK market or US market. US...
In my personal experience, 325 instep has more volume than 337.Also, you may want to look at this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/135437/crockett-jones-238-last
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