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How about the Dick Van Dyke Show?
The Sudan.
At this point I don't see how your friend can obtain legal title to the property. If her mother is incapacitated, then any deed executed by her mother is void. However, all is not lost. If your friend seeks to named guardian and is so named I cannot see a court authorizing the gratuitous transfer to your friend; it does not seem to be in her mother's best interest for the transfer to be made. However, if your friend is named guardian she can continue to run the...
The difference between the "z" score and the "t" statistic.
OCI = on campus interviews (?)
Perhaps, as long as it isn't insulting.
hey rick - how come the j.crew aldens fell out of favor so quickly?
Link still not working for me. Edit: Ah, now I see, but don't know the shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford (T)the other was Denise Richards. She liked the john lobb shoes. Did she notice them or did you have to point them out to her?
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