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The Alden Shop of San Francisco (that, I believe, along with the DC Alden Shop, are owned by Alden) has a special's page at their website with many (discontinued) models at a discount.
What are the measurements on the Hickey Freemans?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Size 10D BB Peal punch caps (C&J 240 last) I wonder how old these are. They have a retail price of $338. Today the Peals go for $488 - $528.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Interesting C&J for PRL, NIB w/topy and heel saver for $150. Pretty nifty shoes. That is SF member imperaman's auction. He had them listed here.
Swaine Adeney men's chukkas in 12D. Opening bid of $7.99. Who makes these for Swaine Adeney?
In case anyone is interested there is a pair of Roy boots in 10.5D on auction at ebay. Slightly used. Opening bid of $149.99.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex How does Barrie last fit relative to Grant last? Similar or bigger? In my opinion, the toe box of the Barrie is a little bit fuller than the toe box of the Grant. I wear a 12D in the Plaza and a 11.5D in the Barrie. I have the BBBF black shell longwings on the Grant last in 12D - BB didn't have them in the 11.5D at the time. The shoes fit fine but I would have liked to compare them to an 11.5D. I've read...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 You can report people for that. Yesterday I asked the seller to confirm that the shoes are C (and not D) width. He/she promptly replied - they are C width so they are too narrow for me. But this morning I noticed the high shipping charge. So, wanting to stir the pot a little, I sent a message to the seller stating that the shipping charge seemed high and asking the seller to confirm that it is correct. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek ^ There is much awesome in this... ...and this: New Aldens for $189, don;t forget your Bing. Careful with the shipping charge - $59.99!
Wow, I'm struck by the difference in color of the shoes in the OP and in Tom's photos. Which is the truer color of the shoes?
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