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OPEN TO OFFERS AND TRADES Paraboot Rousseau smooth brown calf split toe blucher. Size EU11/US12D. Have worn the shoe approximately fifteen times. In excellent condition showing virtually no wear to uppers or soles. The shoe is a chocolate brown - not as dark as in the photos below. Comes with box but no bags. $150. Allen Edmonds Bradley burgandy shell cordovan blucher. Size 12D. Purchased as a seconds/irregular. I was/am unable to spot the flaw. I have...
Does this mean that your IC thread re: the Lowndes is dead?
Here is the list that I received re: 11s and 11.5s:
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Florsheim by Duckie Brown - already on sale at Forward by Revolve. Prices aren't great, but I didn't even know they were out yet. There is a nice cognac wingtip boot (only size 9), a navy PTB, a studded captoe, and the Patriot boot. Did you notice that all four shoes are described as being made in the United States? I thought that they were made in India.
PM sent on RL blanket.
Just a suggestion. Is it possible for everyone who has received a list of inventory in their size from Sarah to post the list. That way everyone might have a chance to order even if they haven't heard back from Sarah.
Who makes their shoes?
I, too, have had problems recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Are those wallets bridle leather? I don't know that it matters. He sold out.
Call Ron. He will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions.
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