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Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Did you set a snipe? I made the opening bid a day or two ago but I also sniped a higher bid.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Sold for $353.01!!!!!!! Brand new!!!! Insane!!! I finished second on that auction. I didn't need it but was willing to go in at a little over $400. Maybe some people ignored it because RJ first stated that it was UK only.
I am generally a 12D, but I have a high instep. The heel and toe box of the 11.5D was fine, but the volume of midfoot of the shoe was not sufficient to accommodate my high instep; the shoe was very, very tight. The 12D fits great. So, for me, the fit is TTS.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo They only had sizes 12 and 13 when I called today Ah, okay. I'm a 12.
A Brooks Brothers rep (Maria in men's shoes) at their 346 Madison Ave. store (212-682-8800) just told me that they still have the Peal version of the Coniston in pebbled grain tan calf and smooth black calf on sale in various sizes for $199. You can see photos of the two versions at this thread. Shipping cost is $9 and taxes are 6%, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius What colors are available on #1? Only one. Tom calls it brown alpine grain, but it looks close to cognac. You can see it here: Leathersoul American Longwing
JM Weston Chelsea Boots Black Size 12 Posting as of 12:25 - Auction ends at approximately 1:10. I was going to bid but a Weston rep at the NY store just said they run about a 1/2 size large and I am tired of buying shoes that don't fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr As to sizing, I have a pair of size 44 Canali's that are very comfortable for my 11.5C feet. I get more compliments on my Canali's than any other shoes I own. Thanks.
Anyone have an idea of what US size these correspond to?
Tony - The 13s are still there for you.
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