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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Last time I received EGs from the store (via Royal Mail), I had to go down to the mail room because the USPS employee would not release the package without me giving him a check for customs... The green boxes were worth it for sure but it was awkward. Were you expecting to pay customs when you ordered the shoes? How much was it and how is it calculated? How does one avoid it?
Mr. Monty, can you tell me how the 12s fit compared to say EG 89 or Alden Barrie, Plaza or Grant?
Quote: Originally Posted by arc Today it's 40% of "leather accessories", which happens to include all their shoes (cordovan excluded), belts, and shoe care supplies. Cordovan belts are included.
New Alden whiskey shell medallion tip blucher in 11.5D with BIN price of $395. They look like whiskey to me, but I guess they might be ravello. New Alden #8 shell medallion tip blucher in 11.5D with BIN price of $349
They are a good deal, but I am not confident that they are a 12D. The length of the sole seems a little short to be a 12.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Where are these made? I, too, would like to know where these are made.
Too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by wangs78 Thanks. I checked their website and they appear to make women's products though. In any case, that doesn't rule them out. Received a pair of the Deller derbys in brown. Beautiful pair of shoes I had heard that they run a 1/2 size large. Did you find that to be the case?
What last?
Quote: Originally Posted by toogies80 I would be rocking those bitches on my feet if they were a size 13. Men's or women's?
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