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Not looking to stir up a hornet's nest here but I e-mailed Mr. Huqstable this morning and just received his answer. I asked him to clarify whether my 12D RL Darltons were a UK11 or UK11.5. Here is the relevant part of his reply: We do indeed make the Darlton bluchers, for Ralph Lauren in dark congnac shell cordovan. A US size 12 D is a UK size 11.5E in the last 325. Should you opt for a shoe from our Handgrade range a full size down (11E) is recommended. He also...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne According to Mr. Huqstable at C&J, they convert 1 full size for US retailers and brands. Your US9D should fit the same as C&J's UK8E. So, even though the boxes on the Ralph Lauren shoes made by Crockett & Jones show a UK size that is 1/2 lower than the the US size, the actual UK size is one full size lower? That doesn't make sense to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Looks like the 337 to me, not chiseled enough to be the 348... Is it this pair? If so, that UK8E should fit like your PRL Tellman in US9D. Wow, good eye.
Alden #8 shell LHS size 12D - BIN $299.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Did you set a snipe? I made the opening bid a day or two ago but I also sniped a higher bid.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Sold for $353.01!!!!!!! Brand new!!!! Insane!!! I finished second on that auction. I didn't need it but was willing to go in at a little over $400. Maybe some people ignored it because RJ first stated that it was UK only.
I am generally a 12D, but I have a high instep. The heel and toe box of the 11.5D was fine, but the volume of midfoot of the shoe was not sufficient to accommodate my high instep; the shoe was very, very tight. The 12D fits great. So, for me, the fit is TTS.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo They only had sizes 12 and 13 when I called today Ah, okay. I'm a 12.
A Brooks Brothers rep (Maria in men's shoes) at their 346 Madison Ave. store (212-682-8800) just told me that they still have the Peal version of the Coniston in pebbled grain tan calf and smooth black calf on sale in various sizes for $199. You can see photos of the two versions at this thread. Shipping cost is $9 and taxes are 6%, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius What colors are available on #1? Only one. Tom calls it brown alpine grain, but it looks close to cognac. You can see it here: Leathersoul American Longwing
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