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Quote: Originally Posted by makaveli89 help please guys Where do you live? Why don't you go into a RL store and try some shoes on? If you can't do that, try on some shoes by Allen Edmonds to find your size (& width) - remember the model name that you try on. Then come back here and give the information, people should be able to provide better help then.
Added BB Peal (C&J Snowdon) boots and AE shell Bradleys.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOLA1 Holy shit, best deal ever on the best shoes ever. There's just so much shell. Almost too much shell. Look at all that shell. Hey, NOLA, decided to tone it down a little bit, huh?
The Ask Andy link was to the shoe tutorial. Is that correct?
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Jeb's slippers http://cgi.ebay.com/FIORE-GORGEOUS-H...item5ad796fdfa Jeb is tall. Those gotta be too small for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by mjc Wow, I certainly like those. Where are they on sale? - Mike The boot in the OP and others are shown at the Billy Reid shoe "sale" page. On sale at $263 from $525.
I must be going blind or developing dementia, or both. I used to see a listing of the most common "tags" at the bottom of B&S but I can't any longer. I can't even see where the tags are shown on a selling thread that I started. I find searching by tags to be very helpful but now am unable to find the listing of tags or the tag search function. Can someone help?
Alden cigar shell chukkas - size 12D - starting bid $470. Same seller: Alden brown pebble grain calf chukkas - 13D starting bid $199. Alden tan Indy boots - 13D - starting bid $255.
Quote: Originally Posted by Collector23 Hi all, Just wanted to share a great customer service experience at Mountain & Sackett with everyone. I recently ordered 2 regimental ties from M&S and noted that they were slightly wider than I expected when they arrived. When I informed M&S, they graciously sent me replacements tie at my preferred width at no additional cost and offered to let me keep the first batch as well. Hence, I would like to...
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen I just received an e-mail from The Shoe Mart. They have a pair of the dark brown J. Crew longwings in 12D on the Barrie last - they are irregulars - for $289. [IMG][/IMG] I realize I wasn't clear in my first post. The shoes are too big for me so I am not going to buy them. They are available for anyone who wears a 12D in the Barrie last; The Shoe Mart model number is FD-97572. I am unsure whether they...
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