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You need to replenish your stock with larger sizes.
I seem to remember that last year Brooks Brothers had a 40% off sale for a different department (shoes, accessories, etc.) each day in the week leading up to Christmas.
Re: C&J UK v. US sizing - from the mouth of C&J's own inimitable Mr. Huqstable (March 2010): Thank you for your e-mail, I trust that you are well. We do indeed make the Darlton bluchers, for Ralph Lauren in dark congnac shell cordovan. A US size 12 D is a UK size 11.5E in the last 325. Should you opt for a shoe form our Handgrade range a full size down (11E) is recommended.
What size are they? What last?
Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza punch cap toe bal marked as a 10D, but seller says fits like a 9.5D. Sold as used, but very, very little wear. Now at $81.00 with no reserve.
JM Weston burgandy calf chisel toe derbies with trees size US11, starting price - $249, BIN - $299.
Added shoes.
Price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Edward Green Oxfords Looks to be the Chelsea. Anyone know what last? Edward Green Westminster Are these the same models that JL Powell put on sale earlier this year? All of the other stuff from this seller is from Powell.
Is there a particular size you are interested in?
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